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No description

Seda Akkoyun

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Barbie

All the aspects of Barbie are perfect and flawless. This gives a sense of need for perfection in girls Through the diction, detail and imagery, Barbie conveys this message.
Influence on Current Society
Widely circulated through the internet this image targets the stereotypes Barbie hopes others will possess. It creates creadibility by using ethos.
Barbie (n.) a young woman, perceived as blandly attractive and vacuous
Mattel has newly incorporated Barbies that have different races. Yet it took so long for this world wide famous doll to have the faces of the world. All the dolls have a very distinct stereotypical image of the race.
The Many Faces of Barbie
-Women are constantly being bombarded with the idea that if you are skinny, you would be happy, successful, and attractive. Barbie portrays all of these attributes. Barbie has had every job a person could think of which go from being an astronaut to being a model.
-Barbie gives a negative image to girls and their body types and that girls should look a certain way in order to be accepted into society. In order to reach this body type, girls go on crazy diets and some end up becoming bulimic and anorexic
The importance of companionship is stressed as Barbie's relationship with Ken begins to grow.
Their love is another symbol of perfection.
The appeal is pathos in that it effects the audience's emotions of love.
The Actual Barbie!
Barbie has influenced thousands of young girls to become in the image of "perfection"
Pathos and logos are used as the emotional distress from the image created the young girl to attempt to look like her.
Logos is also applied as accurate measurements were taken place to
The Love of Barbie & Ken
Division between wealth and happiness
Utopian Society: The idea of a community or society possessing highly desirable or perfect qualities.
101 lbs.
BMI: 16
idea of a slim torso
blonde hair and blue eyes
All women must have flawless skin
Lighter complexion
Larger upper body
Being that their "relationship" is widely publicized throughout the nation. The Barbie industry influenced cildren to engage in romantic relationships early as middle school and high school which was uncommon at the time.
Detail in Marketing
In her Utopian soceity Barbie stresses the importance if being happy in whatever it is

Her connections with romantic relationships, her careers, and posessions show a sense of unrealism

Barbie never speaks of the turmoils in relationships, the length of education preceding successful careers and importance of having thousands of homes.
For many Barbie has instilled the idea for young children, that success requires hard work
Influence on Current society (continued)
Barbie has continued to take a toll on our current society through movies
The Mattel Incorporation has influenced children to think negatively of self esteem and happiness for over 50 years

Theb detrimental effects on children's self esteem has evolved the way teenagers think about race, body, and gender roles forever.

Mattel corporations has employed over 30,000 employees per year

Since March 1959 over ! billion barbie dolls have been sold worldwide
Barbie has employed over 1.5 million
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