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Human Body Systems Summative Julian

No description


on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Human Body Systems Summative Julian

The human body systems help me!
My Respiratory System help me to breath.The lungs send oxygen to my body so I can run.My Muscular System gives me the power to run fast and it makes me flexible. My Skeletal System has lots of bones so I can stand up straight and run
My body system work together!
The Muscular System and the Skeletal work together to keep me up straight and moving forward.My Respiratory System takes oxygen to muscles and bones.My Digestive System takes the nutrients of the food to the bones and to the my muscles.
Healthy choices that keeps my mind and body healthy!
The doctor said you need to sleep 8 or 9 hours per day. Eat a lots healthy food like apples,tomatoes,orange,lettuce,etc. I love to do physical activities each day. Run 2 or 5 minutes each day of the week. All of that help me to stay healthy in my whole life
.In my emotianal part is when I run,sleep and eat I fell good and healthy.
Physical Activity I love to do!
The physical activity I love to do is run,because when I run the my Muscular System , Skeletal System and the Respiratory System get stronger and healthy. When you get older your bones won't broke easily if you run and the Muscular System and the respiratory system will stay stronger.
Who We Are : The Human Body!
October 8
By:Julian Vivas
MS.Lambrix class

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