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InterVarsity Columbia College: Change the World

We're working with student artists to change the world. Why you should help. How you can help.

LeAnn Jenkins

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of InterVarsity Columbia College: Change the World

Students & Faculty
World Changers
Our Vision is to see:
InterVarsity builds diverse witnessing
communities on campus that call
students & faculty to Christ
and develop them as leaders.
God's Word
God's People
God's Purposes
in the World
of every ethnicity and culture
Spiritual Formation
Bible Study
Leadership Training
Campus Engagement
Cross-Cultural Competency
Community Development
“InterVarsity had a transforming affect on my life during my college days: first, by providing me with a fellowship of Christians who were not afraid to wrestle with the hard questions of faith in a world of injustice; and second, by providing me with the mentors who modeled an authentic life of humble, faithful prayer. I desperately needed (and need) both. ”

Gary A. Haugen, President & CEO, International Justice Mission
Change the Campus...
How do we do it?
Growing in love for...
Fall Retreat at the Chicago Urban Program
2014-2016 Focus
- Increase Hands - On Learning

- Increase Capacity for Involvement

Obstacle: Piloting Programs
Giving Need: Program Sponsorship
InterVarsity Arts Chicago
Program Budget
Engaging the Campus
New Student Outreach 7,284
@thetablecolum 10,312
Free Prayer 2,993

Spiritual & Leadership Development
True Story 9,698
Catalytic Events 10,243

Reaching New Artist Communities
InterVarsity Arts Chicago 1,202
Start Something New 3,274
Staff Development 5,056

TOTAL 50,062
Ways to Donate
Investing in young lives

Leadership Gifts

Major Gifts

Sustaining Gifts
Project-Based Programs
Justice & Spiritual
Life Skills
Long-Term Partnerships
- Build Trust Between Artists & Communities

- Teach Them a Diversity of Ways to Involve Their Arts

Obstacle: Developing Time
Giving Need: Bridge Gifts
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