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Sociomaterial networks of academic practice: spaces, places

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Martin Oliver

on 19 January 2014

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Transcript of Sociomaterial networks of academic practice: spaces, places

Sociomaterial networks of academic practice: spaces, places and resilience
Topic one: sociomaterial networks
of academic practice
existing accounts
High-level, often generic:
Types of activity (research, teaching, administration),
Typological identities
Innovators, early adopters,

Humans, and what they take to be their learning and social process, do not float, distinct, in container-like contexts of education, such a classrooms or community sites, that can be conceptualised and dismissed as simply a wash of material stuff and spaces. The things that assemble these contexts, and incidentally the actions and bodies including human ones that are part of these assemblages, are continuously acting upon each other to bring forth and distribute, as well as to obscure and deny, knowledge.
(Fenwick et al, 2011)

a lens on the micro
heterogeneous networks
Digital natives, digital immigrants
Non-human actors
How did this look for our participants?
How plausible is this networked account as an explanation of digital literacies?
How useful is it?
What does it make visible?
What does it obscure?
What are the blind spots?

Martin Oliver & Lesley Gourlay
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