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Types of Sentences

No description

Gerardo Molina

on 1 June 2014

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Transcript of Types of Sentences

Types of Sentences
Sentence: a group of words that contains at least one subject and one verb and expresses a complete idea.
Clause: a group of words that contains one subject and one verb.
Phrase: a group of words that lacks subject, verb, or both.
one subject +
one verb
+ complete me
Dependent Clause: one subject
+ one verb + NO complete idea
Simple Sentence = Independent Clause
Compound Sentence:
Two independent clauses
connected by a
coordinating conjunction
or a conjunctive adverb
Complex Sentence:
One independent clause connected to one or more dependent clauses
by a subordinating conjunction
Compound-Complex Sentence:
Combination of compound and
complex sentences.
and but so for
yet nor or
as a result
in addition
so that
Punctuation of Compound
Punctuation of
Complex Sentences
You can install the new antivirus, but you will need to remove the installed one.

The new antivirus is not very effective for Internet use; therefore, you need to add a firewall tool.
You do not have to worry about updates
because it has an automatic-update feature.

Since the antivirus has an automatic-update
feature, you do not have to worry about updates.
Complex Sentences
are formed with adjective,
adverb, and noun clauses.

Adjective Clauses
It is a dependent clause that works as an adjective. In other words, it modifies a noun.
The connecting word of an adjective clause is a relative pronoun.
Adjective Clauses can be restrictive or non-restrictive.
The version that you need to install is 4.1.

Paul Martins, who developed this application, works for Apple.
Other relative pronouns:
Adverbial Clauses
Dependent Clauses that
work as adverbs.
They are connected by
subordinating conjunctions.

Examples of
adverbial clauses:
because I was late.
after you finish the test
if it is installed well
although it doesn't work
so that it works well.
while it's running.
before it is removed.
Noun Clauses
Noun clauses work as nouns. That means they can be:
Examples of Noun Clauses:
What they developed was a complex application.
Whether they install a new version or update the old one is still being discussed.
They don't know if the application works.
He said that it was programmed with Java.
The best way to know if a clause
is a noun clause is by substituting
the clause by "it."
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