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Plate Tectonics

No description

Theresa Garcia

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Plate Tectonics

by: Theresa and Divya Divergent Boundaries Convergent Boundaries Transform Boundaries Mountains Mountains are formed when 2 continental plates are pushed against each other. Then the plates build on top of each other and that is how mountains are formed. They are formed at a convergent boundary. Mid-Ocean Ridge Earthquakes Earthquakes are created at a transform boundary. When the plates are rubbing/sliding past each other the friction may be so great that what we feel is what we call an earthquake. PLATE TECTONICS Trench Volcano Images/Drawings A divergent boundry is when the plates move apart from each other. The plates float above the asthenosphere. There for creating a volcanic reaction. Once the plates move apart new crust is formed. this creates sea floor spreading. There are two types of convergent boundaries.
The first one is when two continental plates move toward each other.
The second one called a continental- oceanic convergent plate when a oceanic plate moves under a continental plate, and this creates a subduction zone. Volcanoes are the result of converging plates. When the oceanic plate moves under a continental plate (creating a subduction zone) the magma/ lava oozes out making a volcano. This is when two plates slide past each other.This makes a lot of friction. The friction impact may be so great, and that is what creates the earthquakes that we feel. (top view) side view This is created at a divergent boundary. A mid ocean ridge is an underwater mountain range. This happens because the convection currents rise in the mantle beneath the mantle. when the plates move away from each other the magma oozes out of the cracks making a ocean ridge. A trench is formed when one plate hits another plate. Trenches happen at a Subduction Zone. Trenches are formed in a convergent boundary. Volcano Thanks For Watching! Trench earthquake P.S.
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