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The Principles of Music Marketing

No description

Max Cervellino

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of The Principles of Music Marketing

Project Outcomes, measured in Product & Learning Process outcomes

By the end of the module the learner will:

Know about marketing techniques used in music businesses
Be able to produce a marketing strategy for a music product or event
Be able to contribute to a marketing campaign for a music product or event
Understand the success of a marketing campaign.

The Principles of Music Marketing
Project-Based Learning (PBL)
Virtualisation of Music Project Emphasis on Marketing

Drawing from a Music Industry marketing model (Major/Independent Label or self-managing artist) the learner will start planning a project taking advantage of personal knowledge and finding opportunities in the Industry
Work-Based Learning (WBL)
Actualisation of Music Project
Emphasis on Marketing

A Zero-Budget Work project drawing from the PBL learning experience and actualising it
The self-managing artist/learner will apply previous and newly-acquired curricular knowledge to analyse, understand and critique personal learning outcomes on Music Marketing through PBL & WBL learning processes
Phase 1
The Product
Selection of music product to promote through marketing

The selection is also influenced by marketing research
Formatting of product and auxiliary product formats
Preparation of Bio, Art Work
Creation of ‘Project Log Book’ detailing project planning (PBL) and actualisation (WBL)
Creation of Online Marketing Portfolio
Phase 2
Utilisation of Marketing Techniques
Viral, Guerrilla, and Behind-the-scenes Marketing

Building websites
Uploading Music
Free Promotion Machines support networks
Prepare Press Releases
Disseminating through Music Bloggers
Newsletters & Mailing Lists
Music Video Promotion
Differentiating Income Sources
Social Networking
Crowd Funding & Fund raising
Dissemination through online contests
Dissemination through Live Performances (+ Merchandise)
analyse, understand and critique current music marketing campaigns and contemporary marketing practices
Theoretical Background
Analysis of current practices
Literature Review
Case study analysis report/presentation
Written assignment on Marketing in the Music Industry
Reflective Process
Written assignment on Reflective Analysis upon project's marketing techniques design and implementation.

Report/Presentation on Personal Music Project
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