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genetic disorder

No description

raad raad

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of genetic disorder

Genetic Disorder presentation By Raad Raad the name of the genetic disorder is Spina Bifida what is Spina Bifida i know what your thinking what kind of name is spina bifida? spina bifida is
latin for "split spine"
(dictionary) Inside your spine is the spinal cord, which is like a closed tube made up of nerves but during the first twenty six days of pregnancy the baby’s spinal cord development in unable to complete Spina Bifida is the number one permanent birth defect in the United States. (spina bifida association) animation it creates a lump of skin
sometimes it can be different
shape and in a different place what can it affect? Sometimes it can appear from
the neck to the buttock which
is becoming paralyzed/ you can become paralysis in the legs, feet or arms. if the defect is in the
lower back you might
be paralyzed any where
below but paralysis isn't the
only part in your body
that it can damage It can lead to problem with memory, attention and organization which all need thinking, that’s because your brain will be in effected. Adults and children have no control
f their bladder or their bowels. there are 4 types of Sina Bifida occulta closed neural tube defects myelomeningocele meningocele occulta lump of skin in
the lower back There is no treatment for
this type but surgery
which will take out the
lump of skin in the back. Closed neural tube defects when the end of the head fails to closes The part of the head
that does not have
proper shape is
filled by fat, bones or membranes + problems with the urinary and bowel system Meningocele same symptoms as closed neural tube defect only difference is that it could be found also on the face or any where on the head even the neck myelomeningocele You can be completely or partially paralysis from the opening and down sever that the individual can not walk and has a urinary and bowel dysfunction. In the U.S about one in every two thousand five hundred babies are born with spina bifida “The rate of spina bifida are higher between Hispanics and white of European descent there among African Americans, Asians and Ashkenazi” (U.S national library of medicine). U.S has the greatest amount of this disorder Possible treatments for this disorder are very painful and could be lifelong treatments. Most people with spina bifida occulta require no treatment at all but surgery to remove the lump of skin will not make the child become “normal” there brains will still be the same and same symptoms. With myelomeningocele a child needs lifelong treatment and assistance.
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