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Father Jeremiah O'flynn

No description

Chloe Bull

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Father Jeremiah O'flynn

Jeremiah O’Flynn was born on December 25, 1788 in county Kerry, Ireland and he passed away on 1831. He studied with Franciscans and Killarney before entering a Cistercian monastery at Lulworth Abbey, Dorset, England, where he became a monk of the La Trappe reform, which he taken refuge after its expulsion from France 1790. When he became under the influence of Michael Hayes, a convict transported to NSW, had urged him to secure priests for the Irish convicts in the colony.
Father Jeremiah O’Flynn contributed in the Catholic Church of Australia by coming to Australia in 1817 as a non-convict priest intending to minister the Catholic community. He had official authority from the Church of Rome but no authority from Governor Macquarie he had to run away because he was performing illegal worship services. He was deported in 1818 and it is said that he left behind the Blessed Sacrament at a Sydney home before his departure. This became the a continuing center for Catholic devotion and it is a reason why the Catholic faith stayed so strong through the years that no priest was in Australia to perform services.

Pictures of O'flynn
He went to Dublin in November 1816 to seek additional help form the Irish bishops. When him and two other Irish priests petitioned the Colonial Office for permission to proceed to New South Wales. When no reply was received O’Flynn left for London in January 1817 to plead his case, but Bathurst refused O’Flynn’s request on the grounds due to his lack of education and poor English.
By Grace Hrycek, Nicky Lee and Chloe Bull
Father Jeremiah O'flynn

O’flynn sailed to Sydney on the 9th of November 1817. He sailed back on 20th May 1818. When he reached London in November he got permission to go to New South Wales again but he rufussed to travell that journey again.Father Jeremiah O’flynn returned to Ireland where the West Indies were based. He was banished from San Domingo and in 1822 arrived in Philadelphia.
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