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bhopal gas disaster

class presentation

priti bala

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of bhopal gas disaster

Presented by :
Dr.priti rathod
Satyawati Jha
Dr. lata shama
Dr. trupti metrak
Dr. swati sadhu Bhopal Gas Tragedy and its
Impact on Process Safety
Worldwide Thank you ………….. www.bhopal.net 20,000 KILLED
…And you thought only weapons
could cause Mass Destruction Haphazard dumping of Hazardous Material UCC Engg. Dept. on Danger Of Groundwater Contamination (July 21, 1972):
Proposed design poses “danger of polluting subsurface water supplies in the Bhopal area”
and “new ponds will have to be constructed at one to two-year intervals throughout the life of the project” in order to address this problem Actions by Local People Dramatic changes since Bhopal
India set-up DMI in Bhopal
US Government set-up CSB
EU, India, USA, most other countries enacted numerous (sometimes onerous) laws
Multilateral activities involving international organizations: EC, ILO, IPCS, IAEA, IMO, UNEP, UNIDO, OECD, WHO, WB, NATO, etc.
IAEA + WHO + ILO issued two detailed guidelines on Process Industry Risk Calculations
Dow issued ‘Chemical Exposure Index’ for gaseous releases. Legislation Companies carry higher insurance, also mandatory Public Liability Insurance (India)
Accident databases to help the process industry
Stricter process industry licensing requirements
Colleges started teaching process safety
Accreditation requirement in several countries Steps after Bhopal tragedy Supreme Court Decision May 11, 2011 No or little earnings reduced self esteem
Heavy loans to pay for medicines
Children future destroyed
Men unmarried since cannot earn
Women unmarried since gynaecological problems suspected
Children could be affected for life
Despised by doctors, government, bureaucrats, rich Bhopalis
Forgotten by media Societal Effects Amongst immediate arrivals in Bhopal were New staff told MIC could irritate eyes or produce skin rashes only
Loud alarm turned off after a few minutes as per company policy
Civic authorities not told about the toxic nature of MIC and other chemicals.
No emergency plans to rescue people.
Doctors not told the antidote WHY DID THE PEOPLE STAY QUITE?? The country needed pesticides to protect her agricultural production
MIC is used to produce pesticides that control insects which would in turn, help increase production of food as a part of India’s GREEN REVOLUTION.
In an attempt to achieve industrial self-sufficiency,
To the people of the city of Bhopal, Union Carbide was a highly respected , technically advanced Western company. Bhopal on the mouth of a volcano:
Within one to one- and- half hours
Bhopal will become a mound of human dead bodies

R. Keswani, Rapat Weekly
Friday, 1 October 1982
Year 5, issue 2 DURATION OF TRAINING PROGRAMME (T. R. Chouhan) 1 3 6 6 12 12 18 For operators of UC plant, Bhopal 1975 1977 1978 1979 1980-82 1984 1984 NOV-DEC Bhopal W.VA Emergency Information THE POSSIBLE REASONS Approx. 8000 immediate deaths, over 200,000 suffered
Over 12000 more died since, over 120,000 still suffering
7,000 animals were injured, of which about one thousand were killed.
UC continued to deny any long-term effects
‘…the first time in recorded human history that almost a whole town was gassed in peace time.’
(Wil Lepkowski, C&EN, Feb. 11, 1985) Cold winter midnight of 2nd – 3rd December 1984 Between 00:40 and 02:30 AM approx on Monday, In the city of Bhopal, Central India,
a poisonous vapour burst from the tall stacks of the Union Carbide pesticide plant Covered residential areas, main hospitals, railway station, 65 sq. km. area (25 sq. miles)
This vapour was a highly toxic cloud of methyl isocyanate. THE ACCIDENT
Preview Amongst the worst Industrial Disasters of its time THE AFFECTED AREA Bhopal gas disaster Presented by :
Dr.priti rathod
Satyawati Jha
Dr. lata shama
Dr. trupti metrak
Dr. swati sadhu Bhopal Gas Tragedy and its
Impact on Process Safety
Worldwide Alpha Napthol on carbonyl group addition followed by reaction with methyl amine would eventually gives carbaryl.
This process does not generate or require handling the of Phosgene.
This process does not require storage of MIC.
Inherently safe process. Alternate Chemistry (suggested solution) Companies drastically reduced storage
Imparted better training
Adopted ‘Responsible Care’
Governments adopted several and severe legislations
More thorough accident investigations
Significant liabilities imposed Process and operator safety
Sustained health of workers and community
Viability of environment
Robust plants Processes now require a broad, multidisciplinary rethinking.
New designs must assure After BP Spill in Gulf of Mexico US got over $20 B compensation

A Bhopal Court had announced a bailable sentence of 2 years on 7 accused in the case.

Activists rallied in India against the nominal compensation paid by Union Carbide and nominal sentence for the death of over 5000 New Life to Bhopal Case 61 Hazards
30 were Major
11 in MIC and Phosgene Units
Poor Maintenance
Leaky Valves
Faulty gauges
Warned of leak of enormous magnitude
Report marked ‘Business Confidential’. Bhopal Plant Safety Check by
Safety Survey Team, UCC, USA
May 1982 Union Carbide Corporation MIC PLANT SUPERVISORY /OPERATING STAFF (T. R. Chouhan) 1 1 0 2 6 1 1 1 2 6 2 2 2 8 3 3 3 2 15 0 Declining Number 1979-1984 1979-80 1981-82 1984 1984 Nov
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