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Ban Smoking in Public Places

bad things about smoking

Keisha Lehde

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Ban Smoking in Public Places

Smoking is bad for your health Stance:
I'm against smoking in public because...
it isn't good for anyone's health
it's very dangerous ban smoking in public places Oppositions:
People think it's cool to smoke.
People think it makes them seem more mature.
once started they say it's to hard to quit. Reasons:
1. It is very unhealthy for everyone.
2. you will die at a younger age.
3. you will ruin the organs of yourself and others.
4. you have the possibility to get cancer.
5. You spend way more money than needed, when you could be spending it on something more important.
6. your family may be broken apart because of health reasons.
7. you may become severely addicted, and may not quit.
8. people may get nauseated when around smokers.
9. smoking also contributes to pollution.
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