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jason's dinosaur

No description

guildford public

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of jason's dinosaur

Why Did Dinosaurs Become Extinct?
The last dinosaur that had ever walked on Earth was 65 million years ago. It is still a mystery of how they were extinct however, there is a theory of what might have happened in the dinosaur ages.

The first theory is that Earth was struck be a Meteor. It was maybe large enough to cover Australia. It also creates Tsunamis and might have drowned the dinosaurs that live in the other continents. But before the Meteor hits Earth there is a type of poisonous gas and if you breathe in it, you will definitely die.
The other theory is that the climate have changed. The dinosaurs that had lived before the Ice Age started might have frozen to death. When the climate change, they will die since the conditions had changed and the dinosaurs aren't used to it so they will eventually die. The ones that can live in the cold will soon die for dehydration since it is too hot.
This theory might be possible enough that it might have happened. The volcano might be the one that made the dinosaurs extinct. They first will be killed by the rocks, then be burnt by lava and finally suffocate by breathing in the ash. The three might kill nearly all of the dinosaur population.

Some people don't believe in this theory but it is a prediction. It might be a disease. It could be a flu or a new species of insect that carries a disease. A disease can be spread so you need an antidote. The problem is dinosaurs only eat, drink and sleep. They won't know how to make a medicine.
Some scientists believe that something had gone wrong with the food chain. For example, bees make pollen to grow flowers and plants including trees. If bees stopped working, then the world would have ended since there is no oxygen. So the food chain of a species might have died out and the world could not work anymore.
These are theories people believe but we weren't there 100 million years ago, somethings are sometimes unanswered.

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