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Plate Boundaries

No description

Jayy Hogan

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Plate Boundaries

Divergent Boundary Divergent Boundary is a linear feature that exists between two tectonics plates that are moving away from each other. Most active Divergent Boundaries occur between oceanic and exist as mid oceanic ridges. There are 3 different types of plate boundaries: Divergent, Convergent, and Transform Fault Boundary. Each move in completely different directions.
Divergent Boundary occurs when two plates diverge [move apart], while Convergent Boundary occurs when two plates converge [move together], and Transform Fault Boundary occurs when two plates slide next to each other in opposite directions. The Three Plate Boundaries Transform boundary is known as a conservative plate boundary, since this fault neither create nor destroy lithosphere. Transform Boundary Convergent Boundary The tallest and deepest formation in the Earth's crust is Convergent Boundary. Plate Boundaries By Joey Rubalcava, Lourdes Del Muro, Brooke Tarver, Isabel Solares, & Jayy Hogan. Jayy - #137
Joey - #143
Lourdes - #138
Isabel - #116
Brooke - #126 Convergent Boundaries are regions wherein tectonics plates are converging or moving towards one another. Transform faults are closely related to transcurrent faults; this type of fault is strike-slip or side-to-side in movement. Transform faults end at the junction of another plate boundary or fault type.
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