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Vocal Music 20/30: Genre Project

No description

Karlee Ball

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Vocal Music 20/30: Genre Project

Country Music Kirk Hanson, Elena Stalwick, Karlee Ball, and Nicole Fenwick Honkytonk Outlaw Country Western Cowboy Nashville Sound Early country Western Swing Alternative
Country Country Rock Rockabilly Bluegrass Texas Country Traditional Country subgenres Facts 1. Country music started out in the southeastern United States with an Appalachian sound, the instruments consisting of the West African Banjo, the Scottish fiddle, the Italian mandolin, the spanish guitar and others. People had begun to move down into the states, and ad brought with them this new style of music with them. 2. Veron Dalhart was the first country artist in history to have a nation wide hit. This occured in 1924 with the song, "Wreck of the Old '97." 3. The first ever female country artists to record a song were Samantha Bumgarner and Eva Davis. They recorded the first song in New York City in 1924. It was called "Cindy in the Meadows." 4. In 1925, the radio show Grand Ole Opry was etablished and could be heard all over America. It still runs today, presenting concerts every week, now hosted on the famous stage in Nashville, Tennessee. 5. These days, drums and electric guitars are considered a necessity when producing quality country music, but previous to the 1950's, the use of these instruments in the country music world was scorned. Drums were considered to be noisy and to nott have a pure enough sound, while compared to the electric guitar, the people decided that the acoustic guitar put out a smoother sound. 6.The famous duo, Brooks and Dunn, who became well known in the 1990s, have the actual names Kix and Ronnie respectively. 7. In the same year that Tracy Lawerence signed onto Atlantic Records, he was shot four times in an attempted robbery. For Lawerence, 1991 was a rough year. 8. Geogre Jones, born in 1931, has had the most country hits of all time. In his career, he has recorded 142 hits that have made the top 40 list. 9. Vince Gills, famous in the 80's, recorded "Kindly Keep it Country in 1998; it had almost no airtime because it was considered to be 'too country.' 10. In 1961, the Country Hall of Fame was etablished. The first three people inducted into it were Jimmie Rogers, Frank Rose, and Frank Williams. 11. Country music often consists of ballads and dance tunes with generally simple forms and harmonies. Singers are accompanied mostly by stringed instruments such as banjos, electrics guitars, acoustic guitars, fiddles and occasionally harmonicas. 12. The term 'Country Music' became a prefered name to the previous term, 'Hillbilly music' in the 1940's. This term came to encompass the entire genre of the western music. 13. 14. Patsy Cline was a famous country singer in the 1950s to the 1960s. At the age of thirty she died in a tragic plane accident. Despite her premature passing, Cline managed to become the first solo female artist inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Due to the amount of albums and tracks sold after her death, she is considered an icon who is considered just as famous as Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. 15. Johnny Cash is one of the most country singers of all time. His song "Ring of Fire," is amongst one of the most well-known songs in country music. The famous singer was born on Febraury 26, 1932 and passed away on September 12, 2003. Primarily, Cash is remembered as being a country music icon; however, in his early days he released singles that were classified in the blues, folk, and rock and roll genres. 16. Country music is a very diverse genre. There's the old joke that if you play a country song backwards, the man will get his women, find whatever he lost and leave the bar sober. Despite the that muth that country music is about a druken cowboy singing his blues away, the content matter in country music differs considerably. For example, Tim McGraw talks about getting down to your country roots in his hit single, "Truck Yeah," while Martina McBride confronts domestic violence in her single, "Independence Day." 17. When country music was first putting its roots down in the sounthern United States, the dress was similar to that of Cowboys. With traditional jean pants, cowboy boots, a western hat and a button up shirt, performers were to go. Currently, the stars of Country music to dress in the lastest fashion styles that almost every other genre in wearing. Men will wear suits, while women will wear the lastest Gucci dresses. 18. In the current day and age of country music, there are many concerts preformed worldwide. Often these large gatherings are held in stadiums, arenas or large concert halls. Many years ago, people did not take such an interest to country music, and therefore there were many small concerts in small towns. During the great depression, radio shows and programs were frequenlty the only source of country music, for concerts were such novelities that were unaffordable. 19. In comparison to today, audiences many years ago become very involved. Bands would be brought in for weddings or someone in the family would round up some instrument, and dance would commence. Country music makes people feel welcome, like they need not act a certain way. It brings out the fun in life. 20. Often country music was considered lower class. It was simple and pure, but many saw it as grunge, they did not want any part of it. People would turn away country musicians from laces like car dealerships because they would seem shifty. For a long period of time, there was a national pious agaisnt them. 21. The cowboy films in the 1930s and 1940s contributed greatly to the evolution of country music. Stars such as Roy Rogers and Gene Rogers parlayed their musical careers into very succesful acting careers. Much of the music in this era was actually written specifically for movies. As people loved the movies, so they loved the music. 22. Country music carries a blend of styple. Usually it has a clear, honest tone, and most singers also have a southern accent. There is a nasal vocal timbre and rarely ever is there vibrato. Most other elements of country music come form other sources. European folk music, parlor songs, jazz, and blues are all devrivations of country music. The balance between traditional and outside elements has defined the fundamental tension in country music. 23. The Great Depression also deeply afftected country musicians because it threw milliions of Americans out of work. They had no money to spend on such novelties as music. The radio industry did boom though. The race record market was market was crushed by the economic downturn, but the joy of music was still able happening in the world; this was a way to express themselves. 24. In the early 1980s, country attempted to crossover to an easy-listening pop audience. In many cases, Urban Cowboy country was 1960s and 1970s polished pop music with a hip, rock beat. 25. The first place that country music was ever recorded was at Okeh Records, located in Atlanta, Georgia. Audience Etiquette Audience etiquette for country music changes according to the preformer, or the type of song (whether it be a slower song, or an up-beat rockabilly song). Like most genres today, if the song has a faster tempo, usually the crowd will be more enthusiastic and prompt to scream during the performance. Conversely, the audience will wait to clap and cheer if the song has a slower tempo and a deeper meaning. It is not uncommon to have people sitting on the floor at a country music concert dance to romantic songs. Top five songs Little Big town- Pontoon Little Big Town's, "Pontoon" was the band's first #1 hit on September 15, 2012. This song offers a unique feel. The instruments included in the song are a high-strung acoustic guitar, a drum-loop, and an organ. Due to the tune's instrumentation, it demostrates how much country music has envolved since it first started out. Samantha Bumgarner and Eva Davis- Big Eyed Rabbit This piece of music is important because it was on the album that was the first album to be recorded by a women in country music. It has an Appalachian sound which was the orginal country sound. When recording, Samantha actually did the singing while Eva playes the fiddle along side with her. Dolly Parton- Jolene Jolene is the tale of a house wife who adresses a persumed attrative and seductive female is supposedly trying to take her husband away. Like most country music, this song contains a anecdote within in a song. Also, this song also shows how country music has changed since the early 1900s... in this song, Parton starts to explore the concept of "pop-country." Compared to eariler country music, the tunes from later decades become increasingly complex. Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss- Whiskey Lullaby "Whiskey Lullaby," long story short, is about a solider who comes homes from the army to find his wife sleeping with another man. From that point on, everything goes down hill; by the end, both man and wife are "lying beneath the willow." Country music is known to address many issues such as this specific problem. Even though the sound of country music is so diverse, most country music writers strive to have a story or meaning to their songs. Patsy Cline- She's Got You "She's Got You" is a true country song that offers a slow tempo, a smooth melodie and the classic country instruments. This song was one of Cline's hit single's and managed to get her name known in the United Kingdom. Although this song is older, it is still very popular. It has lyrics that are relatable and will forever hold a truth, no matter the time period. One Two Three Four (cc) image by rocketboom on Flickr (cc) image by quoimedia on Flickr 1920’s
Samantha Bumgarner and Eva Davis – Big Eyed Rabbit
This piece of music is important because it was on the album that was the first album to be recorded by a woman in country music. It has an Appalachian sound which was the first sound that country music had ever made. When recording this record, Samantha actually did the singing, while Eva played the fiddle right along with her. 1930’s
Patsy Cline – She’s got you
Patsy Cline is often referred to as an icon in country music. She paved the way for many young women as musicians. Patsy died at a young age, but her clear tone and her perfect pitch are still remembered today. 1940’s
Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters - Pistol Packin’ Mama
Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters were both huge names back in the 1940’s. By them producing a song, it opened the gateway for Country music to flourish. Bing Crosby endorsed the sound, and suddenly America’s ear fell in love with it. 1950’s
Hank Williams and the Gang - Long gone Lonesome blues
This song, Long Gone Lonesome blues stayed at the top of the chart for an average of four months. Hank Williams had, in the least, 5 number one hits in this decade, and many still instill feelings and soul into many people. He influenced the tone of country music indefinitely, and also, with his , with his own style, presented this genre in a way it has never been heard before. 1960’s
Elvis Presley - Are you Lonesome Tonight
Elvis Presley was a huge influence in not only country music, but also many other types. People loved this man, and therefore, no matter how far into the depths of Country music he went, they followed. This opened their eyes up to new possibilities, and for possibly the first time in history, Country music was being considered as an art form, not simply a distasteful hobby. 1970’s
Dolly Parton – Jolene
Dolly Parton was also a Country Music Icon. She brought in a new style of performance dress. Suddenly, it was alright to wear more modern clothing. There was beginning to be not such a difference in country music compared to other kinds. Some may call this the Americanization of different types of music. None are their own separate entity, simply one American dream. 1980’s
Garth Brooks – The Change
Garth Brooks sold the second most records ever in American history. He has brought honor and interest back to Country Music and he has won many awards for doing so. 1990’s
Lonestar – Amazed
This song was rated in the top 3 of all of the songs from the nineties. It had a fresh sound, one that wasn’t heard in the music before. It was an all boy band, which became a popular idea in the 90’s to the 2000’s. 2000’s
Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss – Whiskey Lullaby
In the 2000’s it began to be very acceptable to sing country music without a southern drawl. The blend of pop and country began to appear in both types of music, and some really enjoyed this change of pace. Whiskey lullaby is a lovely duet performed by one of Alberta’s own greatest stars, brad paisley, and another highly respected musician, Alison Krauss. 2012
Taylor Swift – We are never ever getting back together
The music from present day country has evolved into a cool blend of country and pop music. Taylor Swift has become a huge icon in country music in the last five years, and many people think of her style when Country music comes to mind.
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