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Cosmetic surgery

TOK presentation

Gorica Malesevic

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery TOK PRESENTATION Introduction Areas of knowledge Social sciences (Psychology) plastic surgery Ways of knowing Knowledge issue To what extent cosmetic surgery can be justified as improvement in patient`s quality of life (physical , social ,psychological and emotional realms )? Real Life Situation •30 Jun 2012 , Nadia Ilse , Bullied Georgia Teen, Receives Free Plastic Surgery From Little Baby Foundation Ethics rich and famous 1931 10.7 billion $ 4 000 years ago liposuction breast reduction breast augmentation eyelid surgery abdominoplasty • 21-year-old Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova has caused an uproar across the Internet, as people debate whether or not the "real life Barbie" achieved her appearance through cosmetic surgery Will we be discriminated because of our physical appearance ? Is it our right to take a knife and chop up our faces, to add bits and remove pieces to our bodies just to suit our own liking? Hippocratic ideal of “doing no harm” How much risk is too much risk??? Religion Difference in opinions between Catholics and Jews Should we change something that God created ?? Natural Sciences (bio -material sciences) Emotions and perception general perception of beauty perception of happiness quality of life Is your decision to have this surgery a personal one, or to please someone else? sadness jealousy loneliness frustration Arguments for cosmetic surgery reduce signs of aging improve quality of life greater self-confidence better social interaction repair damage caused by illness, infection.. Counter arguments Every person is beautiful in his or her own way so why apply to a cosmetic surgeon? Risk
Side-effects Post-operation depression Side-effects such as nerve damage, scarring, infection, and chronic pain may result In a study evaluating the quality of life of 110 patients undergoing breast reduction surgery, results indicated that 95 percent of the patients' physical and psychological health and well-being greatly improved following surgery. Do emotions affect our decision ? patient screening high expectation consequences medicine biology tissue engineering botox chemistry Is surgeon`s ethic dead ???
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