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Your Digital Footprint

This presentation was designed for 10th grade students at our college. Its focus is on creating a positive digital reputation, and understanding the reason for caution.

Jennifer Osborne

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Your Digital Footprint

Your Digital Reputation Who will you Be? Social Media Pause before you click... "The templates ask people to think of their identities in terms of popular culture references: with the requests for lists of favourite movies, television programs, books; with the capability to choose a song to play when the page opens; and with the capability to load images and video from other sources. We shouldn’t be surprised that’s how people respond to the template. "
(Williams, 2005, p.29)Williams, B. (2008) What South Park Character Are You?: Popular Culture, Literacy, and Online Performances of Identity. Computers and Composition, 25(1), 24-39. Our digital footprint... This is a true story. Jason took a photo of his cousin Alison at a church fundraising day. He posted that photo of Alison to his Flickr page, without asking Alison. When he joined Flickr he accepted the standard user terms,which meant that he granted a Creative Commons licence to the world to make use of his photos without any permission or payment of a fee, provided that they attributed the photograph to him. Six months later, Alison’s mum saw an advertisement for a mobile phone company with Alison’s face on it. No one had sought Jason or Alison’s permission and when Jason contacted the company they said they had copied it from Flickr and were using the image under a Creative Commons licence, which only required them to link to his Flickr site to acknowledge his authorship. (more of the story can be read here

From a legal perspective who do you think is right in this example? If you want to know more about how to licence your own stuff to decide how its going to be used by others, there’s a link on the Library wiki to a questionnaire that will help you to decide which license to choose, depending on the content you’re sharing. And there’s this resource: This is the one that Freaks me out the most, personally. The creativity of others.
http://bit.ly/H412Vw Do you think his argument is a valid one?
Do you think it would stand up in a court of law? Provide some reasons for your answer.

Fill in the worksheet re Privacy settings Ms Osborne will distribute. Have you filled in templates, answered questions, created lists, and posted other information just because the Social Networks had a space for it or asked you? When you create an account on a SNS such as Facebook and MySpace you will be given a page with a variety of sections such as a place to put your photo, to post messages, link to videos, and show your lists of likes and dislikes. We call this a template. Another true story:
Oscar posted a video of himself to his Facebook page. The video, which he had filmed himself, showed him performing some martial arts moves and acrobatics, set to a 60 second sample of ‘Disco Connection’ by Isaac Hayes. Facebook has now contacted him and told him either to remove the video or get permission from the copyright owner to use the sound recording used as the audio track in the video.
Should he remove the video? Why or why not?
What else could Oscar do? What point is the poster trying to make?Do you agree?
Is it being fair or not? Do you know what you are giving away? Be careful when being creative. http://gawker.com/5843355 So, who will you be? ..and here’s another one. Some people argue that the templates used by SNS encourage us to post certain types of information which can lead to risk, including copyright
infringement. For instance, one researcher stated: Here’s an example of where it didn’t work out well. Seemed like a good idea at the time, I guess:
Teen suspended over Morcombe site:
http://bit.ly/11NLcla This video is introducing the idea that we can create ourselves as anything we want to be on the net. How many of you have ALWAYS told the absolute truth in your discussions with people you don’t know on the net?
Eg with gaming sites or blog comments or in Virtual Worlds?
It's tempting to re-create ourselves and try on different sides of our personalities for a change, and forget about who we really are. And that’s part of being a teenager and even adults do it. And its OK. Its just that we have to be careful to be sensitive. Bad consequences can come from innocent fun. Here’s an example of a case where it turned out OK in the end.
http://bit.ly/19QtK7v Facebook Burglary References:
Inspired by Your Digital Footprint prezi (public) by Dodie Ainslie on 27 October 2011 (4 YouTube videos sourced here.
Evolution of facebook privacy settings 2005-2010: http://mattmckeon.com/facebook-privacy/

Videos: (via Youtube)
Facebook RSVP Fiasco
Couple on Facebook Burglary (via cbs)
Digital Footprints: Your first new impression
Teen bullying prevention We’re not trying to get you to behave in any particular way, but we want you to be aware of the implications of the decisions you make online. So this might sound like we don’t like social networks, but its not so – we just want to make you aware, because you’re being used, and that’s only OK if you know about it. J.Osborne 8/6/13 http://creativecommons.org/choose/?stype=site&q=english+version So, How do they do it? http://mattmckeon.com/facebook-privacy/ Some further information:
Scan your permissions and receive notifications when apps access your info so you can clean up your permissions.http://mypermissions.org
How to delete your every Facebook wall post, and wipe your timeline: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/london/how-to-delete-every-facebook-wall-post-wipe-your-timeline/1999
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