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Y10 - Aspiration in Practice

No description

rebecca duncan

on 19 September 2018

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Transcript of Y10 - Aspiration in Practice

Aspiration in Practice - Y10

Taking responsibility
Aspiration and being the best I can be
Valuing the skills and experience employers look for


Being assertive when making choices

Knowledge & Understanding

Purpose and value of work experience
Employability skills and qualities
Activity 2
Pair and Share
1. What does each quote tell us about ambition?

2. Do you agree or disagree?
No right or wrong answers!

3. Discuss what ambition means to you.

4. Choose 1 or 2 quotes that you like the best.

5. Prepare to share with the class
explaining your choice(s)
We will be formally introducing the
Year 10 Work Experience programme
on the following dates
Activity 3
Agree or Disagree?
Once everyone has sorted their piles choose one person in each group.
As the statements are read out, this person will put their hand up to be counted if your group
with the statement.
Activity 1
Over to you
Parents: 2nd October 17:45 - 18:30

Students: 3rd October 08:40 - Assembly
What do we mean by ambition?
Is aspiration the same thing?
In your group, sort your cards into those that you agree with and those that you disagree with
What steps did Sahiri take to achieve her aspiration?
Did any cards have similar numbers agreeing as disagreeing? Why might that be?
In your books

1) copy down your favourite quote from this lesson

2) If you were telling your parent/carer about this lesson and how you will achieve your aspirations and ambitions what would you say to them?

3) If/when you become a parent/carer, what
will you tell your children about aspiration
and ambition?
Your parents will receive a text and email reminding them about their event.
Please encourage them to attend.
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