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Aquatics training 2013

No description

Carolyn Vasquez

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Aquatics training 2013

Aquatic Staff Orientation
Aquatics Organization
Aquatics Coordinator
Aquatics Student Coordinator
Contact Tree
Associate Director
John Lloyd (520)621-8959 / Cell: (208) 860-4976

Aquatics Coordinator
Lacey John (520) 621-8718 / Cell: (520) 404-1542

Aquatics Student Coordinator
Ashley Mills (520) 621-8718/ Cell: (480)291-3672

Lorraine Mericle Cell: 775) 997-6825
Dave McGovern Cell: (520) 668-6604
Kaelyn Mahar Cell: (480) 208-2196
Joey Jaramillo Cell: (520) 820-7140
Richard Bosse Cell: (520) 891-4914
Bobby Way Cell: (520) 820-5329

Other Important Numbers
Aquatics Admin Office: (520)621-8718

Lifeguard Office: (520)621-8719
Now take out your phones
and enter these numbers!!
Hours of Pool Operation
Fall & Spring


Campus Rec Pool Schedule
Family Swim Hours: Saturday 9:00am-8:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm-9:00pm

* Family swim is also available university holidays
*Family swim may be canceled during special events
* Parents MUST be in the water within arms reach of the child
Goals and Purpose
of Aquatics
"Provide a safe, efficient, and professional
facility for patrons and staff"
#1 Safety:
-scanning techniques
-reposition strategy
-10/20 rule
-rescue ready
#2 Practice and implement a high standard of professionalism
and appearance on staff.
-Proactive management
(Bonus Question: can anyone tell me what this is)
-Customer Service
-Efficient use of “off-stand” time to maintain high customer service,
facility maintenance and program operations

Professionalism and Appearance
-Aquatics shirt (must also be worn by instructors WSI & LGI)
-Must be prepared to enter water regardless of season, time of day or attire
-Campus Rec LG sweatshirt or longsleeve
-Solid black or red bottoms of appropriate length
-Swim suits
swim trunks (no giant logos)
solid swim suit (one piece)
-Parka must be worn over additional layers in cold weather
-flip-flops or tennis shoes
-fanny pack & whistle
NEW hat policy: No hats on backwards.
no logos(except UofA), no bandanas,

Rescue tubes!!
*Must be carried with guard at all times on rotation (including exchanges)
*Held across chest or under arms
*Wear strap over shoulder
* When on stand, set tube across lap and over arm bars
Shift Times
-Shifts begin on the half hour. Arrive 10 mins before, clock in 5 min before

Bonus Question: What should you be doing in the 5 min before clocking in?

-Employees will not be scheduled for more than 5
consecutive hours. NO back to backs

-Opening shifts show up 30 min before opening to
complete duties to insure pool is open ON TIME.

-Closing shifts can require 30 min of duties

Reporting Time
*Use UACCESS to report time
-leave comments for changes to regularly scheduled shifts
Bonus Question:What is an example of a time you should leave a comment?

*Time sheets need to be completed by Friday before a pay day!
-Email electronic copy to Aquatics Coordinator
-One time sheet per pay period
-Filled out CORRECTLY!!


Sub Shifts
*Do not work more than 6 hrs straight without a scheduled break off the clock
*Once you take the shift, you are responsible for showing up for it!

*If the shift is still highlighted
on subitup then the shift has not been taken and it is still your responsibility

*All shifts should get cover if we use
*Occur on the 10, 30, and 50 of every hour
*Keep your tube on throughout the entire rotation!
*Actively scan the bottom and deck area during transitions.

1) One guard is ALWAYS watching the water
2) Guard rotating down will relay any information about
special considerations or troubled swimmers in the area.
Chemical Checks
*Taken every hour
-Free Chlorine
5 drops reagent #1, 5 drops reagent #2
5 drops reagent #4

If chemicals are out of ranges call Ivan and Lacey!

Super bonus question: What pH is this?
20 points!

Adding Chemicals
This will be done by Ivan or admin.
Occasionally we will ask closing guards
to add chemicals. If hazardous wear protective gear!
Wave 300
-Place on pool A every night at close
-make sure bags are in and that wave begins moving

dolphin 2x2
-For use when wave is broken
Manual Vac
-Sunday AM maintenance whole pool
-When asked to do so, especially during monsoon season
Staff Evaluations: Per semester
-Feedback on job performance
-Completed by admin, sups and peers
-Performances will dictate
pay increases
(depending on budget)

Red Caps
-Evaluation of skills, scanning and EAP adherence
-performed by supervisors, team leads and admin
- If first red cap is failed, re-red capped within one
week. Subsequent failures result in suspension.

*Monthy mandatory Inservice Meetings
- 7 am on Saturday for Lifeguards
-8:15 am for Instructors
* Why we have inservice
- To keep staff informed of up coming events and current issues
-allows staff to offer feedback to admin
-opportunities to interact with staff that you don't work with
-practice skills and EAP as a staff
Breakfast is provided most of the time :)
Skill Reviews
*Regular, mandatory lifeguard skills the week
after inservice

-conducted by Supervisors
-everyone must attend one
-keeps staff fresh with skills and allows for
individual feedback

Disciplinary Policy
1. Values Feedback
-Failure to follow and enforce Campus Rec Pool pool rules
-Misuse of phone privileges(no personal calls while on shift)
-Misuse of break time
-improper uniform
-excessive socializing while on duty
-failure to stay current on certifications, or personal information
-failure to complete daily duties as assigned
-tardy to shift or inservice
-infraction Campus Rec rules, and values
-failing initial Red Cap
-failure to complete requests from Admin or Supervisors

Bonus Question: What are the 5 values of the Campus Rec?
2. Disciplinary Form
-Unprofessional behavior while on duty(i.e. swearing, inappropriate discussion)
-not showing up to scheduled shift. No call no show
-not showing up to inservice or make up inservice without an excused absence.
-Failure to complete necessary training hours
-Closing a section of the pool outside designated times without approval from supervisor
-Calling in without sufficient notice to find replacement(exceptions for serious emergencies)
-Leaving work early without approval
-placing the safety of patrons at risk in any way
-failing Red Cap #2
-Insubordination: protest to and directive supervisor
-Entering the building under the influence of drugs or alcohol
-Misuse of position, keys, or facility on or off duty
-theft from department or facility
-Blatant disrespect to co-workers, participants or supervisors
-Derogatory or discriminatory attitude or comments
-sleeping while on duty, on chair or office
-Failure to be attentive while on guard stand
-fraudulent tampering with payroll
-repeated suspension as a result of reoccurring offenses
-texting or talking on phone on stand
-Use of listening device while on duty
-Any infraction of Campus Rec policies, Rules and Values
**Offense Consequences: Warning, Suspension, Termination (contingent on circumstances and severity of offense)
Bonus: name
that patron!
Bonus: how many
team points is receiving
above and beyond on a
red cap worth?

* Led by supervisors to build teamwork and give staff incentive to go above and beyond
How to get weekly points!
- Taking the most sub shifts during the week

-Receiving “Above & Beyond” on RedCap
(40 pts)

-Taking 1+ “Extra” Shift (i.e. Water Works, Family Pool Parties, etc.)
( 10 pts)

-Upholding Excellent Customer Service by being on deck talking to multiple patrons on down rotation (Seen by Admin)
( 10 pts)

-Receiving a “Positive Write-Up” (by Admin)
(15 pts)

-Swimming OFF the Clock (Seen by Admin or Sup)
(5 pts)

-Having at least 5 team members attend a Staff Bonding activity outside of work-MUST provide proof (pics) on Facebook group
(10 pts)

-Taking a Private Lesson
(15 pts)

-Taking an AquaCub Session
(10 pts)

-Receiving “Above & Beyond” on Instructor Evaluation
(40 pts)

-Teaching a Health and Safety Class
(30 pts)

-Receiving positive compliment from a parent/guardian following a lesson instruction
(10 pts)

-Birthday BONUS!
(5 pts)

-BONUS points awarded by Admin At Admin’s discretion

....awarded monthly

-1st place at Inservice Activity
(75 pts)

-2nd place at Inservice Activity
(55 pts)

-3rd place at Inservice Activity
(35 pts)

-Last Place at Inservice Activity
(15 pts)

-Having EVERY LG team member attend a Skills Review
(15 pts)

-Taking the MOST Private Lessons for the month
(30 pts)

Start earning points NOW by answering the Bonus questions in this presentation. 10 points each!
Bonus: When are family swim hours???
Bobby Way & Joey Jaramillo
Lorraine Mericle
Dave McGovern
Kaelyn Mahar
Ryan Fontana
Richard Bosse
Ashley Mills
Note: Your rescue tube is NOT a foot rest!
How to NOT sit on stand...
Bonus: When are skill reviews?
Bonus: What happens if you fail your 1st
red cap? (Name all 3)
Bonus: Whats the name of the staff
facebook group?
Bonus: What are the 3 trainings you must
complete online before you can start work?
Bonus: What book should you consult if you
get chemicals on you??
McCoy Clementson
Sean Roberts
Caitlin Latin
Savannah McCasland
Bryan Cady
Liam Davidson
Hannah Cameron
Chris Miller
Ross Luther
Matt Gustafson
John Hines
Carolina Larkin
Alyssa Vigil
Katie Rogers
Alex Bosse
Ana Fitzpatrick
Liz Morris
Evan Roberts
John Irwin
Cam Clementson
Chelsea Dysko
Dustin Groff
Brinlee Flesher
Mataya VandenBerge
Holly Lebda
Bryan Wong
Brienne Berg
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