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The Future of Robotics: Magnetic Microbots

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Rebecca Nicol

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of The Future of Robotics: Magnetic Microbots

Uses of Microbots
Magnetic microbots are tiny robots that can travel through a human’s or an animal’s blood vessels. They are tasked with delivering medicine to any designated area of the body. They mimic humans by giving medicine to someone. Certain types are being trained to diagnose diseases.

The robot is used inside blood vessels in the animal and human body. It has six degrees of freedom and has five flexible joints.

Work Envelope

The end effector is not multi functional. Its only use is depositing a small dose of medicine.

End Effector

It is taught to do its task through signals of an electromagnetic machine.

How is it Instructed?
The robots have a sensor that receives signals from an electromagnetic machine and turns these signals into instructions. This helps the robot navigate and deliver the medicine at the appropriate location.

It could treat any disease with medicine
It can perform some procedures without any incisions.
Sometimes the robot could misinterpret the magnetic signals and deliver medicine at the wrong location.


These robots could deliver medicine directly to the site of tumors, which makes sure no other areas of the body are harmed during cancer treatment. This could provide a cure for cancer.

Affects of Robot

It would create the job of directing the robot.

Job Creation
In the future, magnetic microbots could be used in humans and could diagnose diseases.

In the Future...
The Future of Robotics: Magnetic Microbots
By Sierra Suazo and Rebecca Nicol

This is one variety of a magnetic microbot.
This is the size of a magnetic microbot

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