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Sara Frankowski

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of Coahuila

in Mexico Coahuila Capital The capital of Coahuila is Saltillo Location Economy Nickname Piedras Negras is Coahuila's nickname. It means a Maya site. Coahuila is located in
northern Mexico. It is
also one of the three
largest states in Mexico.
Coahuila boards Texas. Climate Coahuila's climate isn't as warm as you think. During winter it's 53 degrees and during June and July, it's 73 dregrees. In September and October, it rains 24 inches. A Mexican man mining in Coahuila Agriculture in Coahuila Steel manufacturing Natural Resources Coahuila's natural resources are coal and lumber. Lumber is very imporatant in the mountain ranges. Lumber Coal Places to Visit Our Lady of Guadalupe Temple
Plaza de las Culturas (The Plaza of Cultures)
St. Francis of Assisi Church
Cuatro Cienegas Valley
Zone of Silence
San Pedro de las Colonias Popular Foods reliquias wine nachos Water San Rodrigo and Boquillas are rivers in Coahuila. Cuatro Cienegas is a big lake were families have fun. San Rodrigo Boquillas Cuatro Cienegas Thanks For Watching!!! Land Cultures By Sara Frankowski Sierra Madre Oriental Mts. and Cerro el Centinela are found in this Mexican state. Mining, agriculture, and manufacturing are important to the economy. Steel is a huge industry. The top of Cerro el Centinela. The beautiful Sierra Madre Oriental Mts. In Coahuila, mariachi sing in every party! Colorful woolen hand-made serapes cover the state with craft culture and tradition! There is also Folkloric Dancers of Coahuila.
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