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Pennsylvania AM

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on 12 April 2014

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Transcript of Pennsylvania AM

Pennsylvania AM
Economic Location
Historic Location
Are historic location is the Liberty bell. The Liberty bell is a symbol to America because when we got our freedom from England on July 4th 1776 . The first time we rang the bell it cracked on July 8, 1776. Did you know the liberty bell is located in Philadelphia at the Independence Hall.
Geographic Location
The Thunder Swamp trail in Pennsylvania is a great trail to take a walk on! Did you know that the thunder swamp trail faces the Pocono mountains?The thunder swamp trail is a 45 mile trail where you can do anything on. Nearby a small city named Stroudsburg Pennsylvania where you can go have some FUN after your walk!!
The Hershey Factory
Fun Facts
Pennsylvania's Economy
Pennsylvania's History
Pennsylvania's Geography
Pennsylvania's Government
Road Trip Distance
We chose the Pittsburgh Steelers stadium for our Economic location because the Pittsburgh Steelers are named after the Pennsylvania iron and steel indutries.For more fun, the Steelers have won the the Superbowl 5 times!
This it the Liberty Bell in Pennsylvania!!
This is the Steelers logo on their jerseys !!
This is the Pocono Mountains
As our political location we decided to do Harrisburg the capital of Pennsylvania . The governor Tom Corbett has been the governor for 5 years in Pennsylvania. Did you know that the city of Harrisburg has a population of 49,673 people since 2011.

Political Location
This is Tom Corbett. The governor of of P.A
This is Harrisburg P.A
The next stop is the Hersey Factory. At the Hersey Factory you see families taking tours, workers making Hersey products and maybe the Recess cup man. At the Hersey Factory if you go you might even make a you own candy bar.

This is the Hersey Factory where you can take tours.
The state bird is the Ruffed Grouse!
The state flower is a Mountain Laurel
Niagra Falls touches Pennsylvania,New York, and Canada
The state tree is the Hemlock!
Kennet square has a mushroom museum
Pennsylvania claims to be home of the Cheesecake factory and the first slinky toy!
In 2005, 18 year old Christopher Seely was elected youngest mayor in Pennsylvania history!
The Hershey Factory covers 2 million square feet!
Pennsylvania was the second founded state in Americaa
The state reptile is the gardener snake
P.A state dog is the Great Dane
Pennsylvania makes there money by selling crops such as fruits and vegetables and even milk also they could most of the things that you see at a store.Also you could use iron and steel to make things with.
This is a tomato tree in Pensylvania
Some of Pennsylvania history is the Mason Dixon Line wich is a line that separated the northern and the southern part. Another part of Pennsylvania history is the Gettysburg Address that Abraham Lincoln gave on November 20, 1863 in Gettysburg Pennsylvania.
This is the Mason Dixon Line!
The land by lake Erie is a flatter area named Allegheny plateau. About 60% of the plateaus,mountains, and hills are coverd with forests, and the state has more then 1,000 square miles ( 1,609 sq km ) of natural and man-made lakes,ponds,rivers and, streams.
This is the view of Lake Erie
Capitol is Harrisburg!
The state abbreviation is P.A
The governor is Tom Corbett
There are two us senators Bob Casey and Pat Toomey.
This is a physical map
Here is a road map
This is a political map
This a elevation map.
From Pittsburgh to Philadelphia is 264 miles.
From Philadelphia to Stoudsburgh is 72 miles
From Stroudsburgh to Harrisburg is 96 miles.
From Harrisburg to Hershey city is 12 miles!
From Hershey to WCE is 1,630 miles!
The whole trip was 2,074 miles!!!
By: Maraeya, Lily , Layne!!! Have fun on the road trip!!
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