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History of the world according to Ashton

No description

Henry Cardinals

on 29 November 2017

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Transcript of History of the world according to Ashton

Where was I born?
I was born in Nashville, Tennessee

When did my family move to Marshal County?
My great grandpa and great grandma moved here a few years after my grandpa Mike was born
What is the most interesting place I have ever been?
The most interesting place has got to be six flags! Why? Its pretty self explanatory.
If I could go anywhere in the world where would I Go?
I would probably go to bed or go to North Korea and tell him "Hey! Why are you doing this?"
Biggest problem facing the world today?
The biggest problem is hate. Is it fixable? Maaaaabeeee? It could only be fixed if people stop being dumb (Insert word here).
What do I think Americas responsibility is regarding world problems
I think are responsibility is to try to work things out.
What event in history do I know a lot about?
I know a lot about 9/11, Titanic's sinking, Britannic's sinking, and JFK's death. (I know a lot about death I don't know why)
When I die what do I want my legacy to be?
I want my legacy to be that "I was to cool to live."
History of the world
According to

What event has had the biggest impact on my family
The event with the biggest impact had to be my little brother Andrew dying. It had a big impact because the judges thought it was my mom's fault. (Which it wasn't)
What is the furthest I have been from Illinois
The furthest i have been from Illinois was Georgia
What is the most important event that ever happened in the family
Who is my Biggest Hero?
Donald J Trump

Why? His awesome hairstyle
Biggest Villain?
Osama Bin Laden

Why? Just look. ---------------------->
What do I believe my responsibility regarding world problems?
I think my responsibility is to stay out of it
What event is going on right now in the world that I wish I knew more about
The North Korean bomb threats
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