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LACE 2010: Employer Drive-In

Drive-in Workshops, Keys to Creating a Successful Event, Room 221 Bringing professionals together for events can be a challenge when it comes to schedules and budgets. Come learn the best practices and tactics which LSU uses to draw employers to campus du

Trey Truitt

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of LACE 2010: Employer Drive-In

At the Drive-In
LACE 2010
LSU Employer Drive-In

August 11, 2010

8:30 am - 3:30 pm

Engergy, Coast, and Environment Building

Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Meet in the Middle
LACE Annual Conference
May 20th-21st
Northwestern State
University of Louisiana
What for
How long is this going to take
Is this a new relase
Who and What are we going to see
The Line Up
Check-in and Breafast
Opening Speaker (Special Guest)
Welcome and Outline
Break Out sessions (2 to 4)
*New Campus Trends
* New or Interface Training
"What Students are Thinking"

A snapshot at Recruiting at LSU

Corporate Branding on Camps (Partnerships with other departments - CFR)

Developing Interships and Why you should
Student Panel
*New Campus Trends
*Q & A
Break Out sessions (2 to 4)
Dr. Kurt Keppler, Vice President for Student Life and Enrollment Management
Tour Campus
"piece de la resistance"
Break Out Session (1)
Universum Survey - Mikael Eriksson
Wrap Up
* Q & A
* Door Prizes
*Explore Locations & Reserve

*Set a Schecdule

*Choose a Theme

*Develop a Communication Plan

*Identify your Target Audience

*Get the Word Out! (Post in Careers2Geaux, and on Website)

*Purchase Give-a-ways or Door Prizes

*Determine If a Reminder Goes Out

*Send out Confirmation Packets (Directions, Parking, Event Schedule, and Invoices

*Order Catering

*Confirm Speakers

*Final Walk-through of Location

*Prepare Employer Welcome Packets, Name badges, etc.

*Set Up

*Make it Happen
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