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Copy of Copy of IHSA Governance

An Overview of the Governance of the Illinois High School Association

Craig Anderson

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of IHSA Governance

Illinois High School Association
The IHSA major source of income is ticket sales in State Series events.

There is no cost for a school to become a member of the IHSA.
See Annual Report
Dollars & Sense
IHSA State Final Events are celebrated by schools, competitors, coaches communities and fans alike!

The IHSA's existence centers around fostering participation opportunities that will help develop and instill the necessary characteristics to make today's high school students tomorrows community leaders!
Why We Are Here
IHSA Structure
Any IHSA Member School can
propose by-law legislation through their high school principal/official rep.
The Future Plays Here!
Member Schools
IHSA Board of Directors
Administrative Staff
Legislative Commission
Advisory Committees
An Overview of IHSA Governance
Founded in 1900, the IHSA is a not-for-profit organization with over 800 member high schools.
Member school principals comprise the IHSA Board of Directors and volunteer their time to serve the Association and its membership.
Each IHSA Board of Directors member represents a geographical Division of the state after being nominated and then elected.
The IHSA is a member of the National Federation of State High School Association (NFHS) and IHSA member schools use the applicable NFHS Rules Book to govern all interscholastic contests.
Enrich the Educational Experience Through Interscholastic Athletics...
Effecting Change
All by-law proposals are reviewed by the legislative commission annually.
Proposals must win by a majority vote of the membership.
By-laws are the rules set forth by the membership in the constitution which governs all IHSA member schools, interscholastic sports & activities.
Policies are the procedures and guidelines set forth by the Association to govern the day to day operations.
IHSA Advisory Committees Members make recommendations for changes in policy, administration, and terms and conditions.
The recommendations are reviewed by the IHSA staff and the AD or Activity Advisory Committees and then either approved or rejected by the IHSA Board of Directors.
Note: Advisory committees may not propose changes to the IHSA Constitution and By-laws.
How to get involved
Host an IHSA activity
Submit National Anthem Vocalists
Serve on an Advisory Committee
IHSA Hosting
Managers Manual
Terms and Conditions
Schools Center
IHSA State Series Hosting
State Final Team Information
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