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The Lightning Thief: Lesson 15

No description

Gloria Cotter

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of The Lightning Thief: Lesson 15

1. Take your Theme Graphic Organizer and get into two circles.
2. Inner circle faces outward.
3. Outer circle faces inward.
4. You will discuss your answers to specific questions I ask you while you are face to face with a partner.
5. One or both circles will rotate before the next question.
Learning Targets
I can explain how various elements of mythology connect to the myth of Cronus.

I can use details from the text to determine a theme of the myth of Cronus.
Reread Cronus
Take out the myth "Cronus" and "The Key Elements of Mythology".

Skim the Cronus text quickly to refresh your memories and think about its mythological elements.
Key Elements of Myth in Cronus
1. As a triad, travel around to each chart, keeping the myth of Cronus with you.
2. When you get to a chart, read the description of the element of mythology and ask: "Does this element of mythology help me to think about a theme in the Cronus myth?"
3. Discuss what events in the Cronus myth help you to think about this element as a theme. For example: "This could be a theme in the myth of Cronus because__________________."
4. On a sticky note, write a possible theme of the Cronus myth that relates to that element of mythology and stick it on the chart.
Determining a Theme of the Myth of Cronus
1. Turn to page 27 in your yellow workbook.
2. Discuss a possible theme that relates to Struggle for Power with your triad. Decide a 'first draft' theme to work with.
3. Find details in the text that support your 'first draft' theme. Record these details on your graphic organizer.
4. In the row "My Thinking about This Detail...", you should explain how the detail connects to the theme.
5. If you were able to support your 'first draft' theme idea, then you can make it your claim. If not, revise your theme idea to make a claim you can support.
The Lightning Thief: Lesson 15
What do you think we will be doing today?

Triad Expectations
Take turns reading the quotes
Take turns talking
Take turns writing
Help each other
Inner Circle/ Outer Circle
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