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Nick Branton

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Untitled Prezi

Hinduism/Buddhism Trivia Hinduism Buddhism Q.1: Who were the gods that they believed in? Answer 1:
There was many gods that the Hindu's worshiped, but there gods they worshiped the most are:
Vishnu: the preserver
Shiva: the destroyer
and mostly a single spiritual power called
Brahman. Q. Before Guatama was a Buddha, what was he? Answer:
Siddhartha Guatama was a prince. Q. How many laws did Buddhism follow? Answer:
Buddhism followed 8 laws called the Eightfold Path
to know the truth
to intend to resist evil
to not say anything to hurt others
to respect life, property, and morality
to work at a job that does injure others
to try to free one's mind from evil
to be in control of one's feelings and thoughts
to practice appropriate forms of concentration Similarities Q.2 True or False? The Hindus were very selfish and careful about what they gave away Answer 2: False, the Hindus were very generous and gave to the poor. By Nick Boss Question1: What do Hindus and Buddhists do to free the mind of all things? Answer: Meditate No, Hinduism is one of the world's most believed in religions, and over 850 million people in India, believe in it. Q.4 True or False Did the Buddhists believe that the gods or goddesses they worshiped were avatars? True, Buddhists believed that the gods or goddesses in their religion were avatars, in the body of a human or animal. If you live a good life do you get freed from the cycle of death and rebirth? Yes, if you live a perfect life, you may be freed from the cycle of death and rebirth, and that person's soul becomes one with Brahman. Is Hinduism a religion that very few people believe in? Question 3: Answer 3: Answer 4: Question 5: Answer 5: Q. True or False? Prince Guatama believed that suffering can be ended if people stopped wanting things. Answer: True Prince Siddhartha believed if you stop wanting things like pleasure or power, suffering can be ended Q. What is the laughing Buddha suppose to remind people of? Answer: The laughing Buddha is suppose to remind us to be happy and have a loving heart Q. What is the goal in Buddhism? Answer: The goal in Buddhism is to become the greatest person in the world. By Nick Branton By Clayton Carlson By: Nick Branton,
Nick Boss,
and Clayton Carlson
5/6 A Question 2:What do Hindus and Buddhists follow to get to reincarnation? Answer: They both follow dharma. Question 3: What is it called when a Hindu or a Buddhists soul comes back to life? Question 4: What do Hindus and Buddhists emphasize? Answer: They emphasize nature, non-violence, and compassion. Question 5: Where does the Hindu and Buddhist religion originate? Answer: India.
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