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London City

No description

Vale Díaz

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of London City

LONDON "The city of Opportunities" •Where is located?
• Weather
• Relinquish of this City
• Places to Visit
• Olympic Games
• Advantages and Disadvantages
• Points of View INDEX London is located at south of Great Britain, almost above Greenwich meridian in a vast plain at the shore of Thames River which divide the city in two with 1,700 Km surface. WEATHER No doubt that geographical location justified
the weather conditions of a weather, so wet
London has a template oceanic weather
distinguished by mild temperatures and lots of rain because of its proximity to the sea. London Eye
Tower Bridge
Big Ben
Westminster Palace
Buckingham Palace
St. Paul's Cathedral Historical Places The London eye also known as "Millennium Wheel" was finished in 1999 and opened to the public in March 2000. The London eye reaches a height of 135 meters above the River Thames in its structure has 35 sealed capsules and it lasts near 30 minutes to finish the ride. THE LONDON EYE TOWER BRIGDE BiG BeN His first operation was one year later than his build. Westminster Palace Better know as “The Parliament”, the Westminster Palace located in the north shore of Thames River is the place where meet the two houses of parliament of United Kingdom, The house of Lords and the house of the Common. Buckingham Palace The Buckingham Palace is the residence of royal family, it's used for ceremonies, state visits, and touristic visits. It is also the main place for the royal art collection. The palace is near 30 meters high and its build started in 1703 and finished in 1826. St.Paul's Cathedral The St.Paul's Cathedral, built in 1676 and 1710
above the ruins of the medieval old cathedral is
one of the few buildings that survived Second World War, and it's a place for important events such as Princes of Wales wedding. Big Ben is known as the “the bell of clock". It's a tower of neogothic style and its bell weighs about 4 tons.
It was built after a fire that took place in 1858.
It has a clock and it is the biggest in the world. Places to Visit ZOO Located: Regent's Park, London NW1.
Opened: 1828 The Chislehurst Caves Located: Old hill, Chislehurst, Kent.
Opened: 1830 The Shakespeare’s Globe Olympic Games London 2o12 The last 27Th July the XXX Olympic Games took place in the city of London. They ended on August 12Th, around 10.500 athletes from 204 countries in the world attended this important event. Advantages Disadvantages ¿LIVE IN LONDON? It is full of opportunities
mainly related to work.
It is a beautiful city, modern
and cultural.
It has fast access to bilingual jobs.
Economically Affordable.
It has a wide cultural offer.
It has many markets.
The music in the streets
is very nice. Is a very expensive
Is very cold and wet.
Is a little noisy. To finish.... ...is a good option... ...GO TO LIVE TO LONDON? The tower bridge lies in the east of the city its neogothic towers built in 1894 and the mechanism to rise in order
to let the boats on the Thames pass the river are his
signals of identity. Located: 21 New Globe Walk
Opened: 1599
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