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The Shang Dynasty Raihan and Navi.

No description

Mr J Daykin

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of The Shang Dynasty Raihan and Navi.

The Shang Dynasty
The Shang Dynasty was the first historic dynasty which had evidence and real artifacts.
Social Classes
There were 4 Social Classes. They were: Emperors/Nobles Artisans and Craftsman Warriors and Peasant farmers.
You couldn't change your social class unless you wanted to become a warrior.
What is a Dynasty & When was the Shang Dynasty?
A Dynasty is a succesion of rulers (Kings or Emperors) from the same family.30 different Emperors reigned the Dynasty .

The Shang Dynasty was from 1600-1046 BC. It was reigned for over 500 years.

Where was it?
The Shang Dynasty was in China.The continent is in Asia near the Yellow river.The village is called Xiaotun village.Shang Dynasty moved it's Capital 7 times
How they lived?
The Nobles
The Nobles had beautifully furnished houses. They lived in the City walls which were 30 feet deep and 65 feet high.They had lots delicious food with spices and their clothes were made from silk.
The artisans and craftsmen
The artisans and craftsmen mainly worked with bronze.They had skilled job but had to live in mud huts outside the city walls.
The peasants were the poorest class. Even though they made the food if they were caught hoarding food they would be killed.
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