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Kait K

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Communism

Communism The Beginning The Beginning During the 19th century, some people in the United States moved to a small community outside of society. They eliminated money and labored manually.

This idea spread to others, such as another community who called themselves, "Communia," from which the word, "communism," is derived. Marx's Theory Marx's theory was based on the economy. When he felt that captialism and social classes were overtaking humankind's perspective on life, he created his theory. This theory explained that, the longer hours someone puts into his work, the more money he is paid. So, he is saying that people work too long; after two hours of work, the worker would have enough to feed his family, yet he works much longer, and that profit goes to the owner of the factory. Comprehension The reason why I think Germany was threatened by Marx's theory is because they thought it would start a brand new revolution, in which all of the German workers refused to go to work unless they were paid all of the profits from the company. But if that had happened, Germany's economy would crash because either no one would work, or the factories would give in and pay each worker all of the profits, which would lead to the factory's ultimate failure because they would have no money to pay the bills and other expenses.
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