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Scarlet Letter ABC's

No description

Garython Millings

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Scarlet Letter ABC's

The Scarlet Letter ABC's A is for adultery, the sin that Hester has committed. B is for bossom, where the scarlet letter rests C is for a child, which Hester conceived because of her sin D is for Demon, what people believe Pearl to be E is for eel-grass, which is what Pearl made her own letter "A" out of F is for Chillingworth's unnatural figure G is for the guilt that Dimmesdale feels H is for humiliation, which is used as the punishment for Hester's sin I is for the Indians that held Chillingworth captive for so long J is for jail, which is also part of Hester's punishment K is for knowledge, because nobody in the town knows who the father is L is for leech, the term that is suitingly used to describe Chillingworth M is for how mean the other women and children in town are to Hester and Pearl N is for the night that Dimmesdale finally stood on the scaffold O is for outcast, which is what Hester became after she was publically humiliated P is for Puritan, which is the religion that the town practiced Q is for question, because everyone wants to know who the father is R is for the rosebush that Pearl says she is plucked from S is for the sin that hester commits T is for the torture that Dimmesdale puts himself through U is for how the other people in the town begin to understand Hester more V is for the vengeance that Chillingworth seeks on Dimmesdale W is for Rev'd. Wilson, who wants to take Pearl away from Hester Y is for the yearning that caused Hester and Dimmesdale to commit the sin X is for Xenophobia because the Puritans do
not like others' ideas about religion Z is for Pearl's zoetic personality
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