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TOK presentation

Egyptian REV. and media

ali mourad

on 9 June 2011

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Transcript of TOK presentation

TOK Presentation How did the media impact people's view of the Egyptian Revolution?? THE EGYPTIAN REVOLUTION 25 January "the Day of Revolt": The proud Egyptian people uprised against Mubarak's Authoritarian government Why did we revolt??
1. Unsatisfactory living standards
2. Corruption
3. Injustice
4. Political oppression Main events of the revolution:

Nation-wide protests in Tahrir Cairo
and all around Egypt, including Suez and Sinai After vigouros, passionate protests for about 20 days, the President finally resigned! Joy erupted all over Egypt!!! So how did the media impact the revolution!?? Media Coverage:
1. Egyptian State-T.V.
2. Al-Jazeera
3. Fox News 1. The Problem with translation
2. The Use of Laden Words
3. Confirmation Bias
4. Hindsight
5. Selectivity of Perception
6. Utalitarianism
7. False Dilemma Treatment of knowledge issue 5. Selectivity of Perception 3. Confirmation Bais The people of Egypt have had enough of a failed dictatorship masquerading as a democracy. As events unfold, we’re seeing a cautionary message entering the corporate media coverage of this event. Having never exposed the dire conditions that prompted the massive protests and demands for change, we’re now told that this could negatively impact oil supplies, the stock market, and anti-terror efforts. No foundation for the claims was provided but they’re repeated regularly on CNN, the NBCs, Fox, and the print media.

Thus, a false dilemma is created for the public: support the right of people to determine their own fate or protect your safety and the current standard of living, as it were. 7. False Dilemma 1. Problem with Translation 4. Hindsight It shouldn't be a surprise that an outlet owned by Rupert Murdoch, whose media empire routinely gives voice to Islamophobic paranoia would frame the Egyptian revolution not as a popular democratic uprising but rather as the sinister work of radical "Islamists" , for this has become a very dangerous time for Egypt. (foxnews) 2. Laden Words THE END
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