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Wal Mart Inc.

Organization Communication internal struggles

Ben Sajdak

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Wal Mart Inc.

Wal Mart Inc. Ryan Erwin
Brenna Davis
Benjamin Sajdak
Carolyn Kalo Audiences Employees Losing Their Jobs Walmart Inc. will be cutting 9% of the company’s work force.
Shopper Events will do in store product demonstrations that will be bringing in the same amount of jobs being lost, whom transition employees will have first opportunity for.
Walmat Inc. will be providing six months of Career counseling for transitioning employees, as well as information about unemployment insurance. Vehicles Employees Losing their Jobs Large employee meetings per
store (town hall)
Newsletter Key Messages Product Demo Employees •Employee orientation – training
Corporate management •Walmart Inc. eliminating 11,200 jobs
•Closing 10 stores
•“Tastes and Tips” information
Walmat Inc. will be providing six months of Caree counseling for transitioning employees, as well as information about unemployment insurance
Board meetings
Hard Copy Store managers The higher ups are here to support you in order to
make this difficult process smoother
You have to soften the message, and we will arm you
with all the materials .
Intranet Members We will be adding to our in store food sampling by way of
Taste and Tips stations
Rest assured we will continue to provide the same quality
products and services for our loyal members
Membership benefits will not be affected
Current employees We value all of our employoees and regret having to layoff any member of our company
The current layoffs are for the health and stability of the company in order to prevent
a situation like this again
Looking into the next quarter, feel confident in the security of your job
Face to Face
Posters in Breakroom
Video Key Messages Vehicles
Direct mail
E-mail documentation
Intranet By outsourcing product demonstrations, stimulates by
exposing cutomrers to new products Similar to managers
Due to a deacrease in revenue Walmart Inc. is eliminating 11,200 jobs
We are closing 10 stores in order to reforcus our energy on
the existing stores to incrase membership sales.

Sam’s Club has developed “Taste and Tips,” which will open up demonstration jobs in all existing Sam’s Club stores
“Shopper Events,” will provide Employees with career pportunities, growth, and re-training, and flexible hours.
We welcome “Shopper Events” employees to the Walmart family
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