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Cooperative Principle - Discourse Analysis

No description

S. Yan Chan

on 4 April 2015

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Transcript of Cooperative Principle - Discourse Analysis

No Flout or Violate
Flout or Violate
Flout of a maxim of conversation
(Across the yard, Gru is busy grilling burgers & talking on the phone. Not happy.
"No, no, no! What do you mean she's (Fairy Princess) not coming?"

Violation of a maxim of conversation
"You know what? I hope that you can sleep at night, you crusher of little girls' dreams!!!!"
Flout + Violation = ?
There is a fine line between 'FLOUT' & 'VIOLATION'...
Don't you think?

Eduardo:'This is just gonna take un momento. I am throwing a big Cinco de Mayo party, and I am going to need two hundred of your best cupcakes decorated with the Mexican flag. It looks something like this.'
(He rips open his shirt, revealing a TATTOO of the Mexican flag on his chest)
Eduardo:'What do you think?'
(He flexes and makes it wave. Gru hides his eyes)
Gru:'Look away!'
(Lucy stares at it)
Lucy:'You-- Whoa... Hooo...' (startled)
(29:23 - 30:21)
Flout / Violate more than one maxim of conversation
Flout of Maxims of Quality & Quantity
Silas: 'Mr Gru, I apologize for our methods in getting you here.'

Lucy: (with excitement) 'I don't. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I am not gonna lie -- I enjoyed that. Every second of it. Gave me a bit of a buzz, actually.'

Silas:'That's enough, Agent Wilde.'

Lucy:'Sorry, sir.'
(12:38 - 12:53)
Cooperative Principle
- Maxim of Quality
- Maxim of Quantity
- Maxim of Relation
- Maxim of Manner

Possible situations
occur in a movie

Flout - intend their hearer to understand this
Violation - liable to mislead the other person
Overlaps between maxims
. One maxim .
. Flout more than one maxim .
. Violate more than one maxim .
. Flout or Violate all FOUR maxims .
Straightforward + Stick to the point
Lucy: (holds up her badge)
'Hi! Agent Lucy Wilde of the AVL.
(realizes her badge is upside down)
Oh. Whoops.
(clears her throat, all business)
Sorry, you're gonna have to come with me.'

(8:31 - 8:41)
Violation of more than one maxim of conversation
Violation of maxims of Quality & Quantity
Gru: 'So, how's today's batch, Dr Nefario?'

Dr Nefario: 'I developed a new formula which allowed me to get every known kind of berry into one flavor of jelly.'
(Gru sticks his finger in & tastes the purple goo in the jar. Makes a disgusted face, then attempts a smile.)

Gru: (faking it) That tastes good... (Quality)
(gag) Love the flavor of that... (Quantity)

Dr Nefario: 'It's horrible, isn't it?'
(19:40 - 19:58)
Flout / Violate

Silas:'I'm sorry, El Macho? Hadn't we eliminated him as a suspect?
After the whole salsa incident?'
Gru:'Yes, but there has been a new development, and i'm telling you, this is the guy.
You need to arrest him immediately.
And his deviously charming son.
I'm pretty sure that the son is involved, too. The son also.
You've got to get the son.
(Gru approaches Silas)
Gru: (whisper) 'I think that the son is the mastermind.
There's a look. There's a devilish look in his eyes
and I don't like it!
Silas:'Yes, but I don't really see any evidence for --'
Gru:'Evidence schmevidence!
I go with my gut, and my gut tells me that this guy is El Macho!
Lock him up! Lock up the son.
Don't forget about the son.
The kid gives me the creeps!'
(49:00 - 49:32)
wait a sec, i just want to say that...
Discourse analysis would be more fun if we could decode these messages with the following...

Cross-Cultural Pragmatics
Conversational & Particularized Implicature
Face & Politeness strategy
Politeness & Gender, Cross-Cultural Pragmatic Failure
Face-Threatening Acts
Critical Discourse Analysis
I think...
Flout and Violation of maxims of conversation
do not co-exist.
However, to explain the above scenario...
I would say...

Flout of maxim of relation :
Eduardo's initial intention - Order cupcakes
Violation of maxim of relation:
Eduardo shows off his TATTOO for (female) Lucy's there




Maxim of Quality
Tell the truth
Do not say what you believe to be false
Do not say that for which you lack adequate evidence
Maxim of Quantity
Say just as much as is necessary
Make contribution as informative as is required for the current purposes of the exchange
Do not make the contribution more informative than is required
Exp: Teacher's explanation
Maxim of relation
Stick to the point
Where one tries to be relevant
Says things that are pertinent to the discussion.
Exp: Distraction
Maxim of Manner
Be clear
Avoid obscurity
Avoid ambiguity
Be brief and orderly

A - Where's Dr Dawson's office?
B - Longitude 36 degree, Latitude 79 degree, door faces North
A - Thanks ALOT! Now i'm gonna
need a GPS
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