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Game Portfolio

No description

Mariela Pavlova

on 12 April 2016

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Transcript of Game Portfolio

Thank You!
Game Portfolio
Game Production Company
Imperia Online Ltd.
of War
Cluster Six
Free 2 Play
Medieval Role Playing Game
Powerful magic items
A remake of Imperial Hero from 2009
Coming up in the beginning of 2015

‘Our first RPG, successful RPG!’

Free 2 Play
A super-fun take on the classic whack-a-mole formula.
Simple touch controls.
Cool characters and weapons.
A variety of locations.

‘The Molepocalypse is here!’

Free 2 Play
Single player
Arcade adventure jumper
It’s about precision, not reflexes
Bring the Egg home by tapping on the screen

'Are you skillful and cool-headed enough to embark on this hero’s quest?'

Free 2 Play
“Connect 2” puzzle gameplay.
Intuitive touch controls.
Suitable for both new and
old fans of the genre.
Social integration with Facebook.

Free 2 Play
A remake of the classic board game from 2009
Play a fast and furious game of LUDO
Watch your pawns come to life
Get strategic – use your boosters to the max
Set your own, unique set of remarks and emoticons

Free 2 Play
Turn based strategy
Quick sessions
Fantasy setting

'Can you outwit
all your enemies?'
Free 2 Play
New take on side-scroller game
Transforming robots
Destroy and evade multiple obstacles to win
Sci-Fi theme
Free 2 Play
Medieval MMO Strategy Game
11 months average player life
Localization in 30 languages
Full localization for the MENA & CIS

' Your Medieval Game'
Free 2 Play
Turn based strategy game
City building, government, farming and trade
PvP battles & PvE conquest
Asynchronous massive multiplayer
Seasons affect gameplay

'Will you prove worthy for
the burden of rulership?'
Free 2 Play
A fresh mix of color matching
and endless running.
One tap control.
Compete on the leaderboards.
Two art styles: retro & modern cartoon.

‘Never saw a rocket riding chameleon?
Now you control one!’

Free 2 Play
Puzzle game
Simple touch controls
Competitive setting
Free 2 Play

Climbing simulator… with ROBOTS!

Realistic 2D physics, limb fatigue,
detachable limbs, ultra fun rag doll effects

Random level generation, endless gameplay

Laser turrets, mines, disappearing handles –
Going up IS risky indeed!

One touch controls

Robo Builder – Build your own robot,
choosing from 15,000+ possible combnations

Free 2 Play
A remake of the classic artillery shooter from 2010
Top 10 Ranked in 50+ countries
Intuitive, fast, and engaging
Rankings, leagues, power-ups
Challenge your friends

'Aim first, shoot last!'

Pets Ground
Pets Ground
Free 2 Play
Social network for pets
Shoot, upload and share pics of your pets
Browse the top pets in the world
Search for pets you know
Follow friends, like and comment on their pics
Supports all types of dogs, cats, canaries, parrots, hamsters, rabbits, fish and much more

Free 2 Play
Reaction-based game
Simple touch controls
Cool character
Competitive setting
Free 2 Play
Simple touch controls
Draw a path under Ishi
Challenging levels will test your reflexes

• Founded in 2005
• Based in Sofia, Bulgaria
• 150+ employees
• 30+ million registrations
• 15 games
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