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Copy of Online Educational Game


Amblyn Allen

on 29 June 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Online Educational Game

Philadelphia Public Schools Prior to 2001 One of the poorest performing districts in the counry

Leadership taken over by the state 2002
Diverse Provider Model Created 7 providers, including Edison, chosen
to run 46 low-performing schools

22 Schools make "Annual Yearly Progress" 2003 58 schools make Annual
Yearly Progress 2004
160 schools make
Annual Yearly
Progress The Results Student score increases:
Reading - students scoring proficient or advanced increased 14 to 15 points
Math - students scoring proficient or advanced increased 27 points for 5th graders and 21 points for 8th graders "There is no question that the diverse provider model has changed the face of the School District of Philadelphia...Philadelphia is now at the national forefront of privatization of school management, is negotiating a myriad of relationship with private sector organizations, and is viewed as improving student performance. These perceived accomplishments have altered public opinion. Rather than viewing the School District as an isolated beauracracy beset by idealogical battles, many now view it as a district engaged productively with a variety of external partners. " Sources Blanc, Suzanne and Simon, Elaine, (2007)
Public Education in Philadelphia: The Crucial Need for Civic Capacity in a Privatized Environment. Research for Action

Christman, J.B., Gold, E., Herold, B. (2005)
Privatization "Philly Style": What Can Be Learned from Philadelphia's Diverse Provider Model of School Management? A Research Brief. Research for Action
Edison Learning Results
Parent Satisfaction - Those rating their children's
schools as earning an "A" or "B":
Edison Schools - 88%
National Average - 67% Teacher Satisfaction - Those rating their
satisfaction with their career an "A" or "B":
Edison Schools - 88%
National Average - 56%
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