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[IRP]Fruit Power !

No description

Erica Mack

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of [IRP]Fruit Power !

Fruit,they fuel our body's with the energy we need....but what some people don't know is they can also fuel BATTERIES with Energy ! Which citrus fruit: grapefruit,orange,lemon & lime can power a lightbulb ? If so how long can it be powered ? Research The Variable will be the time & the fruits used because we have four different fruit,we will have four variables plus one for time because each trial will not be the same. Hypothesis [???] I hypothesize that the grapefruit will power the batteries for the longest amount of time because it is larger & will have a higher acidity because of its size Fact About (Citrus) Fruit water percentage in a grapefruit is 80% water percentage in an orange 80-81% water percentage in a lemon is 50% water pecentage in a lime is 72-76% Introduction Data: the grapefruit powered lightbulb was powered for 2.49 min. The orangepowered lightbulb was powered for 2.21 min. The lemon powered lightbulb was powered for 1.12 min The lime powered lightbulb was powered for 1.04 min Claim Evidence Reasoning The Grapefruit will power the lightbulb for the longest amount of time The Grapefruit powered lightbulb was powered for 2.49 min The Grapefruit is largest & has stronger acidity. C
N THANK YOU..... By: Erica Mack [$$$)
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