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No description

Hull Elementary

on 8 March 2014

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Transcript of Math

Social Studies
In Social Studies we learn about civil rights and how this county came to be.
In math I was not so good but now I know meadian,mean,mode,range,fractions, graphs,and angles
In science we did a science fair and I did Crash Test. Crash Test is when you get a wodden ramp and drop a car down it. And when we did it the large car went 496 Cm..
In reading were are reading "Where the Mountain Meets the Moon" by Grace Lin. It is about girl my age wanting to change her fortune so she goes to the wize old man in fruitless mountain.
In Writing we are learning 15 propoganda types. Also we are doing aims practice.
In specials we are doing band ( For the rest of the year) our concert is in may.If you foget your instrument yo will have to do a solo.
Connor Demeuse, Barcon
For the rest of the year id like to ...................
Id like to go to biztown.
Field Trips
A really really really fun feild trip we went on was Basha High School. They had 6 staytions art,dance,band,orchestra,theatre,choir. My favorite one was Choir because they were soooooooo nice!!!
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