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Life at Saint Rose 2014

Residential Life

Marinel Martinez

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Life at Saint Rose 2014

Summer Orientation
"Life at Saint Rose"

Uppeclassmen Area
Coordinator’s Office

Leigh Viscomi, AC
(Centennial Hall)

Upperclassmen Area
Coordinator’s Office

Marinel Martinez, AC
(204 Partridge)

Brubacher Area
Coordinator’s Office

Alex Aust, AC

Lima Area
Coordinator’s Office

Julianna Hart, AC

Where is ResLife?

The Main ResLife Office
204 Partridge Street
Albany, NY 12203
(518) 454-5295

Our Mission:
The Office of Residence Life hopes to promote and support the academic success of the student by providing a safe, comfortable and positive living environment.

The Office of Residence Life

What to expect living on campus

All First Year Students will attend Personal Safety Meetings at the start of their Academic Career at Saint Rose.
Tips on Safety in the City of Albany
Campus Safety Procedures
The Blue Light System
Security Information

Personal Safety

All First Year Students will be responsible for attending NCBI Training Sessions during the first weekend of their Academic Career at The College of Saint Rose
National Coalition Building Institute works to further develop and build:
Cultural Competence
Collaboration and Partnership
Effective Relationships with and Across Group Identities
Leadership Development aimed at Eliminating Racism and other forms of Oppression!

The College’s Commitment to Diversity

All first-year students will be exposed to programs in the REAL LIFE model.
Programs will be based on the needs of the residents in each of the buildings.
All first-year students will be able to attend any of the programs offered in Brubacher, Golub and Lima.


Meal Plans

As a resident student, you are required to be on a meal plan

Everyone can add points or extra points to their cards at the Bursar’s Office so you don’t have to carry cash!

Meal Plan #1 – 250 Meals, $50 Points, 5 Guest Passes $2,869*
(approximately 15 Meals per Week)
Meal Plan #2 – 200 Meals, $175 Points, 5 Guest Passes $2,810*
(approximately 13 Meals per Week)
Meal Plan #3 – 150 Meals, $200 Points, 5 Guest Passes $2,690*
(approximately 10 Meals per Week)
* Per Semester

Meal Plan Changes only happen the FIRST WEEK of classes!!!
Students must log into their MyHousing account to change their meal plan!
All changes must be completed by 4:00pm on Friday, August 30, 2013

Meal Plan Changes

Places to Eat on Campus

Main Dining Hall – EAC 2nd Floor
Camelot Room – EAC 1st Floor
Starbuck’s – EAC 1st Floor
Centennial Hall Burger Studio/POD – Centennial Hall
Lally POD – Lally School of Education
Brubacher Café – Brubacher Hall Basement

What Amenities are provided?

Standard bed & mattress
Desk and chair
Closet or wardrobe
1 Internet Jack per person
1 Cable Outlet per room
Floor Phones

What Amenities are provided?

Washers / Dryers
Study Lounges and a Computer Lab
Vending Machines
Knight Club in Brubacher
Kitchen Area in Lima and Golub
Brubacher Café

What does my room look like?

Brubacher Hall

Houses 305 Freshmen Students

Brubacher Hall

1st Floor Double Room

Brubacher Hall

3rd Floor Double Room

Lima Hall

Houses 182 Freshmen Students

Lima Hall

Double Room

Golub Hall

Houses 19 Freshmen Students

Golub Hall

Double Room

We may assign students to live in buildings outside of Brubacher/Lima/Golub
Reassignments will be made on a first available basis in Lima, Brubacher or Golub

Non-Traditional Housing
When Will I Find Out Who My Roommate Is and Where I am Living?

Resident Students: Room assignments will be completed and emailed to your Saint Rose email account by the end of the first week of August. You can also log into MyHousing that week to receive your assignment information.

TIP - Make sure you set boundaries with your roommate using your Roommate Agreement

How am I Assigned A Roommate?

In keeping with the spirit of The College, diversity is a core value of the Office of Residence Life. Our housing assignments are made without regard to race, color, religion/creed, disability, national/ethnic origin, sexual orientation or any other condition established by law.

The College of Saint Rose recognizes the benefit to living on campus and becoming part of a community that encourages both academic and co-curricular growth; part of this growth includes an openness to differences and a willingness to learn about others in a supportive environment.

What if I want to Request a Roommate or a specific building?

You have the ability to request a specific roommate OR a specific building location (i.e. Brubacher, Lima, or Golub Halls) through MyHousing.

You may request only ONE – either a roommate or a building location.

Roommate requests must be reciprocal and are typically housed in Brubacher Hall.

All requests must be entered no later than July 21, 2013 at 11:59pm
We will do our best to honor as many requests as is possible.

“I Checked My Roommate’s Facebook….”

Things to Consider...

Remember to:
Talk to your roommates about…
Personal Boundaries and Expectations
Sleeping and Studying Times
Cleaning, Laundry


What Should I Do if I am Having Trouble with My Roommate?

Try To Work It Out – Communicate and use your
Roommate Agreement
Speak To Your RA and get their help to work it out
Talk to the Area Coordinator
Submit a Room Change Form and wait for the next available space

Three Week Housing Freeze!!

TIP: Communicate Early and Often - Set Boundaries

Significant roommate issues
Concerns about issues in my residence hall

Resident Assistant?

Area Coordinator?

Why Would I Go to My…

College Policies and Procedures for living on campus

College Policies

ALL students are subject to College Policy.

College Policies are in place to keep you and everyone you live with safe.

Always cooperate and be truthful if documented or confronted by a College Official.

A documentation does not always mean a student is in trouble.

Select College Policies

Visitation: No more than 2 guests per resident at any one time. Overnight guests are allowed for a maximum of 2 consecutive nights and 5 total nights per one month period. ALL guests MUST sign in with Security at Brubacher and Lima Halls and provide proper photo ID. Guests must be escorted at ALL times in the building by the resident who signed them in.

Fire safety: Portable heaters, curtains, extension cords, candles, potpourri, and incense are all prohibited.

Tobacco Free: The College of Saint Rose campus is a tobacco-free environment. No tobacco products are allowed in or on campus owned or leased property.

For more information, please view the student handbook on our website at www.strose.edu

What items are prohibited?

Empty Alcohol Containers
Illegal Drugs
Alcohol or Drug Paraphernalia
Plastic Light Fixtures
Halogen Lamps
Air Conditioners

Extension Cords
Bed Risers
Toaster Ovens
George Foreman Grills
Amps (can be stored only)
Any animal not a fish

Roommate conflict
Advice about classes
Concerns about a friend
Ideas for programs
Maintenance issues
Are pets allowed?

ONLY fish are permitted in the residence halls in a tank 10 gallons or smaller.

Can I Have a Car?

Residents: First year resident students are not permitted to have a vehicle on campus.

What Items are allowed?

A flashlight, fan, family photos, surge protectors, carpet, TV, thermometer, personal care items, lamp without plastic covers.

Talk to your roommate about who is bringing the TV, refrigerator, microwave, and carpet to avoid duplicates.

Fire Safety

Nothing can be hung from the ceiling, pipes or smoke/carbon monoxide detector
Wall decorations are limited based on housing
Decorative lights
Permitted from November 1st – January 1st
Must have a UL listing tag
Students must use a surge protector
Extension cords are NOT permitted
Hallways must remain clear.
Do not place belongings or trash in hallways

Can You Decorate Your Room?

Refrain from using nails, velcro, double-sided tape or squares to hang pictures and posters and use fun tack or masking tape.
Nothing is allowed on the ceiling but you can decorate portions of your walls.
Please keep in mind students can be held accountable for room damage or hallway damage at the end of the year.
TIP: You share your space with another person, be sure to consult them before you make any changes!!

How to survive at college

“What transportation options
are there?”

Free CDTA Bus Routes in Albany

How Do I Get Mail?

All Resident Students get a mailbox assigned to them with their room assignment.

Your address will be: Name
The College of Saint Rose
Student Box #
366 Western Avenue
Albany, NY 12203
*TIP: Mail and packages can be picked up in and sent from the mailroom – basement of the Events and Athletics Center.


Laundry - Part 1
How Do I Use the Washer?


Laundry - Part 2
How Do I Use the Dryer?

How Do I Report a Maintenance Issue?

Inform your RA immediately
If the RA is not available contact Residence Life (x5295)
If it is an emergency after 4:30pm or on the weekends contact Security (x5187)

*The Office of Residence Life works closely with Facilities and Housekeeping to follow-up with all reported issues. It is important for you to follow proper procedure when reporting an issue so it can be tracked by Residence Life and followed up on.


How Does Card Access Work?

A Replacement Card will Cost You $30.00
You must go to the Golden Knights Card Office in St. Joseph’s Hall, 3rd Floor (Student Solution Center)
The charge will be assessed to your student account
Once a card has been deactivated and replaced, the old card cannot be reactivated if it is found

What If I Lose My ID Card?


How Does Card Access Work?

A Replacement Key will Cost You $30.00
You Must Report losing your key to your RA or ResLife
ResLife contacts Security
Locksmith Changes Your Lock
Your student account will be charged the replacement fee

What If I Lose My Room Key?


How Do I Sign In My Guests?

And Remember...

Move-In Day

Saturday, August 24, 2013
Drive into the Lima or Brubacher Parking Lot
Park your car then go pick up your key
Arrival Assistants move ALL your belongings to your room for you your freshman year! Make sure all your belongings are labeled!

Ask us anything about life on campus or find us over the course of the next day…



Presented by the Office of
Residence Life

Please, contact your roommate once you receive your housing information!

Do Not Rely on Social Networking to tell you about them!

There is a 3 WEEK HOUSING FREEZE at the start of each academic semester.

Use this time to get to know your roommate once you arrive on campus

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