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They Poured Fire On Us From The Sky

No description

Jonah Rook

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of They Poured Fire On Us From The Sky

They Poured Fire On Us From The Sky
“They made us do crazy work in Natinga.”- Benjamin Ajak (pg 213), I chose this quote because here in Canada nobody forces us to do anything, we have a lot of freedom in what we do, and in this quote its clear that they don't.
“My body hurts from walking so long”- Benjamin Ajak (pg 64). Our lives, when compared to this, seem so easy. We never have to walk so far or do anything so hard that our bodies start to hurt.
“I'm not your son. You can’t call me son.” - Alepho Deng (pg 160). I'm sure that this happens everywhere around the world including Canada and it's terrible.
The End
Jonah Rook
“no matter how bad the situation is, if you can't find any humor, then life is not worth it” -Alepho (194). I chose this quote because that is how people should think here, instead ignoring the humor in things and getting angry
“Although we never had enough food in Kakuma and it was hot, windy and dusty, and people were sick without help, we still had some fun.” Ajak (pg 275). Compared to here we always have enough food and enough shelter, but when we don't we tend to miserable, very much unlike these poeple.

“My heart pounded at the crying and shooting.” - Benson Deng (139). Here we don't have to worry that much about gun shots or people being killed, but over there it was an everyday thing.
“I could no longer think much about my family except that I was alone and without them.” - Benson Deng (pg 62). People here don't stop thinking about their families because they don't have to, because they are still alive
“My body hurt from walking for so long. Just when I almost wanted to lie down in my house and be with my parents.” Deng (Pg. 64). Here, little kids don't walk till their bodies hurt and most aren't orphaned and left to survive on their own.

"Your arms, your legs, your joints, would be beaten until you became paralyzed.” (Deng Pg. 276). Kids are getting beaten until they are unable to move any longer. Kids here are going to school and hanging with friends.
“But I was so weak and tired and overcome by sickness that I couldn't feel the hunger.” Deng (pg 228). Here people are rarely so sick and weak that they couldn't feel their hunger beacuse if they are that sick they are supplied with medicine and food.
They Poured Fire On Us From The Sky
Jonah Rook
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