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Research and Theory on Feedback

Review of Marzano's finding from his book "Classroom Instruction that Works" we show the value in providing feedback. Technology can help us with this but we shouldn't be using computer labs to do it. (speaker notes are outside of zoom)

john kelly

on 13 October 2010

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Transcript of Research and Theory on Feedback

Research and Theory on
Providing Feedback
8,000 Studies
"The most powerful single modification that enhances achievement is feedback."
-John Hattie
Should be "corrective" in nature
explaining what they are doing that is NOT correct and what they are doing that IS correct
simply right or wrong has negative effect
corrected answers has moderate effect
explanation has the best effect
What kind of
"more delay that occurs in giving feedback,
less improvement there is in achievement" - Marzano
Don't delay feedback.

Help students get it right.
One to One computers
Cell Phones & Computers
Document cameras
you all have 'em
Feedback + Technology =
Better Teaching and Learning
This is really the end
Speaker Notes: A car can take you anywhere in the world. It allows you to
and visit with people all over. But why would you buy a car that
could do all that if all you are going to do is listen to the radio.
Would you buy an expensive car to listen to the radio, why not buy
a radio. Same goes for computers, why are you buying computers
and building computer labs only to use them as a number two pensil?
If all you are doing with them is asssesment you essentially taking
something that has to the power of taking students around the world
and abililty to meet other people and making it fill in bubble sheets
that is what happends when your lab is being used for assessment of
learning not for learning. You have a very expensive pensil.
Speaker Note: Info taken from Marzano's "Classroom Instructional that Works"
Speaker Note:Feedback technology that does not require a lab.
Whould you buy a car to listen to the radio?
So why do you buy a computer to assess students work you could do with a....
Give students time to absorb new ideas.
So you want to use.....
Don't buy a car, buy the radio...
USE a..
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