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on 17 February 2013

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Transcript of VIAJE A NUEVA YORK 2013

Today's afternoon we're going to go to one of the famous cafes in the bar: Hard Rock Cafe. Then, we return to our hotel and, before having dinner we´ll take a bath in the indoor pool. We have to catch a public bus to go there because is about an hour and a half from the bridge. La Coruña's Airport (6.30 a.m) - Barajas Airport,Madrid (7.50 a.m) 23th March The tour ends at 2.00 p.m approximately so we'll have lunch in a near restaurant. 25th March. LET 'S START OUR INCREDIBLE TRIP TO NEW YORK! We take a scale flight that is going to fly as to New York in this way: Barajas Airport , Terminal 4 , Madrid (8.55 a.m)- Paris Orly, Terminal W(11.00 a.m) Paris Orly, Terminal W (13.40 a.m)- Netwark Liberty International Airport, Terminal B, New York(17.25) Our 5 tickets cost
4.389,55 euros, so we thought it was a good offer. 23th March We arrive in New York at 6.00 p.m. We will hire a car to go to the hotel that is in the outskirts of Manhattan. The hire of the car for 5 adults costs in total 45,75. Our hotel is called Holiday Inn Express North Bergen Lincoln Tunnel and it has two stars an a half. The hotel is in the outskirts of New York near the Madison Square Garden. It has a gym and an indoor pool open the 24 hours of the day. We can't have lunch in the hotel but the breakfast and the dinner are free. It also has Wi-fi in all the rooms of the hotel, so it is a really nice thing for us! We sleep together in one bedroom that have two big beds. The bedroom has got all inclusive: the cleaning, a fridge and a big bathroom with shower, soap, a hairdryer...
The lodging for the 15 days cost in total 1.583 euros, so we thought it was an incredible prize and we reserved it. We'll be very tired because of the lengthy flight, so we won't visit anything today, we will be in the hotel resting all the afternoon. 24th March We are going to Central Park Wildlife Centre, it's the biggest zoo in New York! We will spend all the day there. The tickets cost in total 80.00 euros and it includes the lunch and a guided tour so it was okay. It has many differents animals: elephants, tigers, a lot of differents birds...And a show with seals! this is the map We'll take lots of photos. We return to the hotel at 9.00 p.m and then we have dinner there. Then we have to rest a lot because tomorrow is gonna be a large day! We wake up at 8.00 a.m and we have breakfast at the hotel, it's free so we can eat a lot. Then, we prepare our things to go to an amazing tour in new york. We can go walking, is near the hotel. 24th March 25th March (morning) We're going to have an incredible experience! We will see New York like a bird see it!
We saw this incredible tour and we didn't hesitate to take the tickets! We're seeing New York by an helicopter all the morning. The tickets costs 487,60 euros, so it's an incredible prize! It starts at 12.00 pm. This is the route we'll do. Then, we catch a bus to go to Manhattan to see the Union Square. It's a big square with a beautiful greenmarket that is very popular. It's also next to the New York University and some old and important buildings surround it. We visit the square and the surroundings. Then at 7.00 p.m we had reserved a table in a famous chocolate's restaurant next to the square. It's like a paradise for us, we can eat all the chocolate of all types we want! we return to our hotel .... We won't have much dinner because of the great snack we had in the Chocolate's restaurant. Then, we go bed and we sleep, we will be very tired ! After that, we go for a walk in the city, New York at night is AMAZING! 26th March Today we're going to go to a tour that goes to Liberty Statue and to Ellis Island by ferry. The tour starts at 9.00 p.m, so we've to wake up early cause the place where the ferry is, is far away from the hotel, so we've to go by taxi. 25th March The tour lasts 6 hours and a half (9.00am-3.30pm). It costs 120$ and it includes the lunch. First we'll see the Liberty Statue and then we'll visit the Ellis Island. It's going to be great! the ferry we'll go on 26th March Then, at approximately 4.00p.m we'll go to visit the Empire State. It costs 89.30 euros. It's very tall! It measures
443 meters! We'll upload to all floors.

So, when we get to the top floor we'll see all the city! We have dinner and then, we go to the bed. We're very tired because of the active day we had. 27th March Today,is gonna be an especial day, is going to be a shopping day!
We wake up at 9.00 pm, we breakfast and then we prepare our things to go shopping!
New York is one of the favorite cities for some people to go shopping. There are lots of different types of stores to go! 27th March Today we're going to the biggest department store in the USA that is called Century 21 and is 1972 Broadway. We use the car we've hired to go there is about an hour to go there. You can have what ever you want and it isn't expensive so we'll buy lots of things. We'll eat in a McDonald's near the department store. Then, we go walking to the biggest candy's shop in the world, is about an hour and a half but when we walk we can see all the showcases of the shops so it isn't boring. DYLAN'S CANDY BAR Is the biggest candy's shop in the world. It haves all type of sweets and it's very beautiful and colorful. Here there's sweets of every colors There are beautiful lollipops from all the types. There are all types of chocolate's bars of all flavors. The places where you sit are like cupcakes!! we return to the hotel by bus Then, we'll go to the hotel and go to the hotel's gym to low what we ate in the candy's shop. Then we go sleep, we'll be so tired... 28th March Today we're going to go to a famous neighborhood called Harlem and is famous because all the color people live there so it's a bit scared. We'll go by the underground. We go again to the hotel by the underground at 8.00pm. This neighborhood was amazing! When we arrive to the hotel, we have dinner and then we'll see a night's show in the hotel. Then, we go to sleep. 29th March. We wake up and then we have breakfast in the hotel. Today, we'll go to an important monument in New York, the Brooklyn's bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge is a bridge in New York City and is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States. It connects Brooklyn with Manhattan. It's very beautiful! Here is a video of the bridge: Hard Rock Cafe New York is in Broadway. It's a very big bar and has an enormous store. In this restaurant there are lots of parties every day. The problem is that the food is a bit expensive so we won't it so much. this is the main door, it has lots of lights and is very beautiful. One of the walls is make of guitars! The tables are in front of a stage so you can see the concert when you're eating. We bought a tour of the neighborhood. It costs 217,40 euros so it's okay. It includes the lunch, the underground and a visit to a church to listen to the Gospel's chorus. The store is very big and has beautiful things. We return again to the hotel at night and we go sleep. 30th March. Today we're going to go to a typical place in New York, The 5th Avenue. This street has all the expensive shops and at night is amazing, but we'll go at the morning so we can't see it a night. We'll only go to see it not to buy anything, is very expensive! One of the biggest stores in the 5th Avenue is Apple. There are also other expensive shops like Prada, Louis Vuitton, a big Disney Store... In the afternoon we'll go to visit Chinatown that is a few streets down, so we can go walking and we'll eat there in a restaurant. Is the neighborhood where the chineses live and they have chinese's malls. The food malls. There is a gift shop with chinese things too. We return to our hotel at night, we have dinner and then we go to our beds. Tomorrow is gonna be a long day! 31th March We wake up and then we have breakfast in the hotel. Today is the last day here so we'll enjoy it. In the morning we'll visit a beautiful and enormous botanical garden. In the afternoon we'll go to see a basketball match and then prepare our luggage to return home. 31th March The New York Botanical Garden It is in Central park, so we'll catch a taxi to go there. It's very beautiful place with all type of trees and beautiful gardens. We're going to spend all the morning there. There is big greenhouse too 31th March We return to the city. Today is the last day here in New York so we want to eat in a special restaurant. We'll eat in a chinese luxurious restaurant! It's call "Nobu" and is very famous there. Is very expensive, so have to pay 150$(it costs in total 750$)and you can eat whatever you want. But, we have more than enough money to spend yet. When we finish eating we'll go to Madison Square Garden where is a stadium and we'll see a NBA's basketball match:
New York Knicks Vs. Boston Celtics The match is at 7:30 pm and our tickets costs in total 2675$, but we're situate in a great place so the prize is okay. this is the stadium Vs. We'll buy something in the stadium's shop. we return to the hotel... 31th March When we return to the hotel we prepare our luggage for tomorrow and then we have dinner. Today is the last night here! We have to go bed early, our plane arrive at 6.00 am! 1st April We wake up at 5.00 p.m and have the last breakfast in New York. Then we tidy up and prepare all our things and then we're ready to return to Spain. We'll go to the airport by the minivan we've hired the first day. 1st March We go to the airport and then we wait for our plane. It arrives at 5.05 and it flies in this way: John F. Kennedy Airport, New York (5.05 a.m)- Barajas' Airport(18.20 p.m)
-Rubén Rodríguez
-Adrián Fuentes
-Carlos Manuel García
-Nuria Vázquez
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