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New Concept Animal Clinic

No description

Jeevan Joseph

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of New Concept Animal Clinic

By Jeevan Joseph
B-3 New Concept Veterinary Clinic Organization's Purpose The organizaton's, which is New Concept Veterinary Clinic, purpose is to provide medical service at a low cost to the animals. The animals that are treated there are mainly dogs and cats. The clinic mainly gives shots and small medical checks. It does not do any operations on the animals that are brought there. Field of Biology The field of biology that a veterinarian
is in is zoology. Zoology is the study of animals
and the process of treating them. The mission
of the organization is related to
zoology, because it is taking care of, studying, and
treating animals and their behavior. Why Did I Choose the Field of Biology? I chose this organization for my project becuse
I love animals and I love learning about them. Learning about animals was one of the hobbies I had when I was little. The fact that each animal has its unique way of doing things is very cool. Another reason why I chose animals was that when I compare animals with plants or humans the humans and plants seemed dull and boring. The Service I did The service I did in the animal clinic was very simple. I helped the doctor and his assistants keep an animal still when they were giving it a shot. I also tried to keep the animals entertained when they were in the clinic. The doctor explained a few things that was wrong with the animals and event though I did not get most of it, I did understand a little. Additional Projects Since I like learning about animals I have decide that I will enjoy other place that has to do something with animals. One place where I can work is the Houston Zoo. In the Houston Zoo we will have to take care of the animals and I will enjoy that very much. Another place where I can work is Petco. Petco takes care of abandoned animals and tries to find a home for them. I will be happy to do something nice for an animal. Degrees Needed To become a veterinarian you need an associates degree in veterinary technology. You also need a bachelors degree in animal science. You can dot the bachelors degree in animal science in four years.

A college in Texas that provides these degrees is Palo Alto College, TX.

A college outside of Texas that provides these degrees is Cornell University in New York.
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