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The History of a Pencil

No description

enna o'clancy

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of The History of a Pencil

Today 1812 Team 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Our Key Terms Answers are... A little more.... In 1812...... Now lets fast-forward in
time a little here.....okay! In 1812, some people were moving to the United States and wanted some kind of writing utensil for going overseas. William Monroe, a young cabinet maker did just that. He made the first modern pencil! Timeline of the Pencil 1565 people started using styluses, an ancient writing utensil.Modern pencils derived from the stylus later on. The Pencil still continues to thrive as it has been doing for many centuries The first modern pencil was invented Did you know that today's pencil came from the ancient writing utensil, a stylus? In 1565 ( see timeline) scientists were not very good at their career, so they thought that Graphite was Lead. ( there is a very big difference between The two...Graphite is softer and not poisonous while Lead is hard ,brittle and highly toxic to the human body.) Because Graphite was so soft, it needed something to hold it up so it wouldn't crumble. For that matter, they used hollowed out sticks, which were the first pencil case The History of a Pencil The History of a Pencil Other companies also imitated the pencil-only not as safely. One industry had made a pencil all normal and safe except for one condition; the coat of paint on the outside of the pencil had lead in it! Now if you remember, lead is highly toxic and if the pencil is sucked or chewed, the lead in the paint can quickly kill you. Now though, most pencils in the U.S.A. are non-toxic nd safe in all ways. The pencil is over 400 years old and even today continues to be the # 1 writing utensil for most schools,artists, and many other activities
On average,teachers spend about 1.33 BILLION per year on school supplies. Fun Facts :) The reason why the most popular color for pencils is yellow was because a long time ago yellow was a lucky color in China By Enna O'Clancy Key Terms What is a Stylus?
Who made the modern pencil? What time?
What's the difference between lead and graphite? A stylus is an ancient writing utensil
The modern pencil was made by a cabinet maker, William Monroe,in 1812.
Lead is a very poisonous mineral and graphite is a non-toxic mineral that is in pencils.( Even though it is called lead, it really is graphite.)
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