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Industrial Evolution

Learn the history behind how humans always work smarter, not harder.

Fathom Creative

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of Industrial Evolution

industrial evolution This is the story of
how mankind has
learned to work smarter, 5,000,000,000 BC Once upon a time, ancient humans
decided to create Powerpoint. We're pretty sure this is what
killed the dinosaurs. At Fathom we think there's more to
life than boring bullet points. Just fire. No big deal. Though, it's amazing
what a small spark can do. Prezi can help spark big ideas too. 87,1337 BC Ah yes, the wheel.
Round, gray, heavy, what's not to love? Like the wheel, Prezi has been crafted to
help you move... your audience! 55,1138 BC 10,000 BC The agricultural revolution allowed us
to create huge amounts of food. We can never seem to get our fill of Prezi.
It's just so delicious and healthy. A year later the Big Mac was invented. 1897 Assembly lines are cool. They allow
fast creation of great products. We create quality Prezis for our
clients with mind-blowing speed. 1903 Step 1: invent flight. Step 2:
invent parachute? Nice priorities. Proper Prezi design and motion can help
your presentation soar to new heights. 1948 The computer! Nerds and introverts
everywhere, rejoice! Fathom designers are like
level 90 wizards with these babies. 1969 After years of sci-fi dreaming we
finally made it to the moon. Almost nothing is impossible with Prezi.
If we can dream it we can make it. ! 1982 Tools like the internet + Prezi can be powerful
aids to winning business and leaving impressions. The internet. Without this bad boy we'd
still be renting movies from stores. Ew. PRESENT And we know how to put them together. The pinnacle of human innovation, Prezi
is the next evolution of presentations. Want to evolve? Give us a shout... by :) not harder. get it?
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