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Roald Amundsen

No description

Anna Smith

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Roald Amundsen

Roald Amundsen Describe who and what inspired
Roald to become an explorer. When Roald was a child he wanted to be
a Polar explorer and constantly read about
Polar expeditions, particulary Sir John Franklin.
Sir John Franklin opened the North passage way
but never returned. Roald knew when he grew up
all he wanted to do was explore the Polar Regions.
He slept with the windows open everyday even in
the middle of Winter to condition himself for
exploring the Polar Regions.He read biographies
of people who succeeded in exploring it but, never
made it back. When he read them he wanted to try
it and see if he could succeed. How did he deal with the bad things
that happened to him on his Journey? In 1897 his ship froze in the ice since it was Winter in the Arctic. It was frozen for 13 months. While the ship was frozen the captain died and Roald became captain.

Some of the crew members got Scurvy disease. Scurvy disease is a lack of vitamin C. Scurvy disease is when your gums become swollen and purple, they bleed with the slightest touch and your body bleeds all over. Roald made them eat seal and penguin meat. Both meats are high in vitamin C. It saved some of them but, some of them died.

They got lost while sailing. They concentrated a lot and finally they got back on the right track.

Roald got attacked by a Polar bear and the Polar bear broke Roalds arm. Roald couldn't get a cast on it or go to a hospital because they were in the Arctic, so Roald just kept moving on and didn't let his broken arm stop him from exploring. Explain how he died. His friend Nobile made some
of the ships Roald used while on his journey. Roald was retiring when Nobile and Nobile's crew crashed. When Roald heard the news he immediately said "Let's go rescue them." Roald packed his bags and then he went with a French rescue team to rescue them. When Roald and the French were in the airplane over the ice their plane crashed and everybody died. Roald and the plane were never seen again. However, another rescue team did rescue Nobile and his crew. Roald disappeared in June 18, 1928 at the age of 55. Justify how he travelled
from place to place. When Roald was on snowy land
he used dog sleds and skiis. They were very fast and light so they were good to use. The crew sailed from Norway to the Poles on three different ships. They were: The Belgica, The Maud, and The Fram. They were big ships that carried many supplies and had many rooms for them to live in. Roald flew across the Arctic Circle in an Airship which we call Blimps. How did he survive? In the Poles he was able to
communicate with the Eskimos. The Eskimos helped him a lot. They gave him Carabu skin for clothing and blankets. The Carabu skin was warmer then having heavy coats because it had air holes in it and the hair was standing straight up. They helped him make igloos and make fires. They taught him what to eat, how to hunt seals, how to cook food and how to steer a dog sled.
Navigation was important when he was sailing and exploring. Knowing longitude
position and accurate time he could navigate with the sun and his shadow. The compass also helped.When white outs occured he was almost left with just the sun, shadow or floating in empty space. What were the consequences of his exploration? Roald showed the world that the North and South Pole are important. He unlocked the northwest passage way and helped his crew learn important techniques for sailing. He helped the world accomplish investigating the Poles and learning about it. People said it was nearly impossible to traverse the passage way because many people had attempted it and died. Roald proved it was possible. People were amazed when he returned. When he accomplished it numerous crews tried it with the techniques that Roald used and they also succeeded.
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