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Sharlene Sasaki's e-portfolio

No description

Sharlene Sasaki

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Sharlene Sasaki's e-portfolio

Welcome to my e-portfolio Personal Statement Education Sharlene Sasaki Making Subject Matter Comprehensible to Students Assessing Student Learning Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning Creating and Maintaining Effective
Environments for Student Learning Developing as a
Professional Educator About Me Multi-subject Teaching Credential, CSU Monterey Bay, CalStateTEACH, 2013 B.S. Consumer Food Science, University of California, Davis 1986 Professional Experience Substitute Teacher, Fremont Unified School District, Fremont, CA (2006-Current) Small Business Entrepreneur, Fancy Folds, Inc, Fremont, CA (2001-2004) Manager of Customer Relations and Resource Center, Hero Arts Rubber Stamps, Emeryville, CA (1994-2000) Food Scientist, National Food Laboratory, Dublin, CA (1986-1994)
"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."
-Albert Einstein Accomplishments in the teacher's preparation program, organized by the 6 domains of the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP) Planning Instruction and Designing Learning
Experiences for ALL students Remind your child to complete and turn in homework on time
Promote reading and extend learning at home
Communicate with teacher about learning concerns
Attend parent teacher conferences How to Actively
Support your Child’s Learning Make sure your child gets plenty of rest
Ensure your child eats a nutritious breakfast each morning
Students should not rush, but pace themselves
Read questions entirely before answering
Review that each question is answered
www.starsamplequestions.org Ways to Reduce Anxiety during STAR tests Use best practices to teach Standards Based instruction
Set high expectations for ALL students
Conduct frequent assessments while teaching
Incorporate interventions as necessary to help students
Practice test taking skills using CDE released test questions
Ways Teachers
Prepare STAR Testing

2010-2011 School Year


Excellent schools and strong property values!

2009-2010 School Year


What does this mean to you? Overall API Scores
for ABC School
(out of 1000) Used to compare schools (within district and state-wide)
Progress checked against established goals annually for whole school and sub groups (i.e., ethnic groups, English Learners, Special Education)
Score ranges from 200-1000
CDE goal : At least 800 Academic Performance Index (API)
Below Basic
Far Below Basic

GOAL: ALL students perform at the proficient or advanced level Performance Levels All students are tested in areas of English Language Arts and Mathematics
Writing, science, history-social science are grade specific
Test questions are based on California Content Standards (www.cde.ca.gov/be/st/ss/)
Content Areas California Standard Tests part of the STAR Program
(Standardized Testing and Reporting)
Administered in the Spring in Grades 2-11 Provide information about student’s performance
Identifies strengths and areas for improvement at 3 levels; student, school and district
Provide state and federal policymakers with information about program decisions and allocation of resources Purpose of Testing Q&A Contact me at: subteach2009@hotmail.com Sharlene Sasaki Over the past 16 months, I have indulged in an amazing journey of self-discovery. Life is indeed very much like a jigsaw puzzle. Life experiences are “puzzle pieces” that tell a story. My family represents the cornerstone piece of my life puzzle. Both of my sons were instrumental in steering my path towards teaching. I was their first teacher to nurture the importance of a good education, instill strong morals and values to support their growth and development into responsible and empathetic individuals in our society. Three very special people have been uniquely foundational to shaping the person I am today and the type of teacher I will be. First and foremost is an undergraduate college professor who helped me realize my strengths and weaknesses. Improving weaknesses are best accomplished by setting short term goals, creating a broad network of relationships and continually improving oneself. Another exceptional individual was an oil company executive who taught me the fundamental key to working with others. In order to accomplish a given task, he believed it was necessary to learn all about people in order to motivate them and gain their trust. The third individual is my 1st grade master teacher who sharpened my skills to teach young students effectively. She believes that good communication is a vital component to success. My goals are to emulate these qualities of excellence as I work to support the academic learning and social growth of students in my own classroom. To cultivate and inspire young minds to perform their personal best at all times. I will use best practices to teach the district adopted curriculum which aligns to grade level Common Core standards to achieve the goal of being college and career ready. My program will address various modalities of learning. I will set scholarly expectations for my students because the growth that is seen when expectations are high is truly amazing! My classroom will be similar to that of a laboratory where students are engaged in learning. They will learn how to work cooperatively together and share their good thoughts and ideas. I will draw on my students’ natural talents and strengths, develop their weaknesses, encourage them to learn from their mistakes and stimulate their capacity for learning through rich and engaging learning experiences. During the CalStateTEACH credential program, I spent 16 months student teaching in a 1st and 4th grade classroom. I learned about my students, discovered techniques for improving classroom management, created engaging lessons, differentiated instruction and assessed student learning in a heterogeneous classroom. I learned that the partnership between child, parent, and teacher is crucial to student achievement. My hope is to develop students who can think critically about their world, act responsibly and develop a sense of internal motivation to perform their personal best on a continuous basis. As a 21st century teacher, I pledge to create a warm and inviting classroom where all students of diverse backgrounds feel respected, comfortable and welcome. ALL students will feel empowered to learn and contribute positively to the growth of our classroom learning community. Together, we will celebrate victories and students will feel proud of their accomplishments, both large and small. Teaching is a lifelong position of opportunity for self growth and creativity. I am passionate about helping young children become confident and luminous learners. My educational background includes a B.S. in Consumer Food Science at the University of California, Davis and a Multiple Subject Credential through California State University Monterey Bay CalStateTEACH Teacher Preparation Program. I am also GLAD™ trained in Guided Language Acquisition Development which is beneficial to all students including English Language Learners. My professional experience is diverse and represents a broad network of experiences that highlight my expertise as an Elementary Substitute Teacher, Small Business Entrepreneur, Customer Relations and Resource Center Manager and Food Scientist. Activate Prior Knowledge Vocabulary Instruction
and Development Formative Assessments Summative Assessments Turn and Talk Immediate Feedback Thumbs Signal Scoring Rubric Raised Hands Self-Assessment Technology Powerpoint
Lessons Realia Collaborative Groups Internet Access www.dairyfarmingtoday.org Learn about my students Parent Questionnaire CUM folders Beginning of the year Assessments Anecdotal observations Reading Fluency Student Files Personal Behavior
Standards Show Respect Make Good Decisions
for Learning Solve Problems
Fairly My teaching philosophy.... Domain 2 Domain 3 Domain 4 Differentiation Domain 5 Domain 6 Reflect often Set goals and high expectations
for All Students Good Communication Engage
Students and Activate Learning GLAD Strategies Numbered Spoons Facilitator of Learning Ellis Island Domain 1 Cognitive Content Dictionary (CCD chart) 1st grade nutrition lesson www.annefrank.org 4th grade reading lesson SST, IEP, 504 Plan Scaffolding EL Learners GATE students and High Achievers Baseline Assessments Anecdotal observations Academic Progress -Reading
Strategy -Timeline for Social Studies -Pictorial Input Chart for Science
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