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Project Lego 8446

No description

Andy Buck

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Project Lego 8446

Custom materials The Model This model was introduced in 1999 to the LEGO product catalogue

The model is made up of;

To fully demonstrate the kinematics of the model, the following are required;
547 lego parts
121 discrete parts
7 individual gear parts
27 sub assemblies

1 mechanism
14 commands
35 joints

Surface Modelled Parts Solid Modelled Parts Project Management Rendering Assembly & Kinematics Set out naming convention

Created Parts List

Created Time Plan

Online Collaboration

Catalogued each Part

Featured Part number for Naming Convention

Signed off work

Marked Progress on each part Parts List 27 Sub-assemblies

547 Parts
Basic Complicated 245 Constraints
123 Parts 8 Constraints
5 Parts
From the...... To the slightly more........ Project Management Assembly & Kinematics Rendering & Video Parts The Model............ Project 8446 Andrew Buckingham
James Brown
Matthew James
Peter Lane
Scott Kerr Andrew Buckingham Matthew James Peter Lane Scott Kerr
Demanding task

Photo Studio



? Animating the model

35 Joints
9 Gears, with varying ratios
14 Commands
Rack joint problem

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