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My personal symbol

Angela Jenkins

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of House

My personal symbol:
A House Being in the military my whole
life ive never had a real house. I
still continue to dream about wen
i will have my own house and hope
that when i get older i can provide
for myself the house ive always
wanted. in a way a house is not just
a building, its my home, my safe place.
When i see a house i just dont see four
walls and a roof, i see a safe haven. Chimney
For me a chimney enables me to let out
my emotions, such as anger. (hence the
smoke) Its lets me let out my fear, sadness
and anger, the bad emotions. While the fire
place is my good emotions, it enables them
to just burn, and keep myself warm, while
my bad emotions are let out. Roof
My roof is my protection. It protects me during hard times such as bad weather, rain, or thunderstroms. Garage
My garage is my storage place. This is where all my memories are kept and my childhood is stored, so i wont forget where ive come from Windows
My windows allow me to see
the outside and look in others
and for others to look into me.
But it is also equipt with blinds
so when i feel uncofterable or
the going gets tough i can close
them and protect myself. Or even
when i feel more cofterable i can
open the windows and let the
breeze in. Fence
the fence allows me to stay seperate
so i can have a boundary of my own
space. It also gives me privacy and
even protects as well. Front door
the front door allows me to let
others in or lock others out. This
is my main protection Front yard
my front yard is how i appear to
others i can keep myself clean
and well taken care of and seem
approachable. Pathway
The pathway is how i greet others
and welcome them into my life. Inside my house
This is where its personal. The inside of my
house is unseen unless i let you in. I chose how
it looks and it looks how i chose. It has different
sections (rooms) of my personality and i made it. The inside is the real me
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