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Mr. Beaver

on 26 February 2018

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Transcript of ENGL III Vocab

Vocabulary Words
succulent -
juicy; not dull or dry; having plant tissue that conseves moisture
facilitate -
to make easier; to aid or assist in
steppes -
a vast almost treeless plain in southeastern Europe or Asia
hors d'oeuvre -
expedient -
suitable; advantageous; based on self-interest
palatable -
buffet -
piece of dining room furniture with cupboards and drawers
lapse -
to pass gradually; to come to an end; a slight temporary error; a fall from a better to a worse condition
delectable -
very pleasing; delightful; delicious
to come next, or follow; to happen as a consequence
appetizer or food served before a meal; food served with drinks
Copy the vocabulary word, definition, and sentence example. You will need these to study for your quiz this week.
acceptable to the mind; fit to be eaten; pleasant tasting
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