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Dracula - Creating tension

No description

L Hinchliffe

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Dracula - Creating tension

Dracula - Creating tension
Starter: Can you remember?
In pairs, put the events of the novel in the correct order.
How do writers create tension?
Wednesday 8th October 2014
L/O: To recognise tension in a story and explain how it is created.
In pairs, map out how tension is built throughout the novel, using the events that you have put in order earlier in the lesson.

You must put the events on the chart
You should draw a line indicating tension
You could find quotes that act as evidence of exciting parts of the novel.

1. What is the relationship between the power of good and the excitement of the story?
2. How does the author structure the chapter and the book in general?
There are many ways in which good writers create suspense or 'tension'.

They might:
describe "MCS"s in ways which worry us
make us care about characters so that we worry about them
make a character sound foolishly unaware of what might be about to happen
make us expect terrible things to happen
use a variety of sentences to vary the speed of the story (think back to "Coraline" in Year 7)

Focus on one of these techniques and identify a part in "Dracula" where Stoker uses it.
As you read the extract from The Hound of Baskervilles, circle words that sound happy and calm and underline the words that sound tense and worrying.
How has Arthur Conan Doyle created tension in 'The Hound of the Baskervilles'?
Arthur Conan Doyle creates tension by using bleak and dark language. The words, _________, _________, _______, suggest that, ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
"It's not how I remembered it," said Baskerville, looking worried. We got closer to the house. We could see its dark and dirty windows. Why didn't someone clean them and let the light in? The carriage wheels crunched on the driveway.
Level 3
Use some adjectives
Create exciting moments

Level 4
Use descriptions
Deliberately use some way of building tension

Level 5

Use different ways to
add interest, including dialogue
Deliberately try to engage the reader

Level 6
Express and describe
Deliberately use Gothic conventions
Plenary: What do you think to the way this pupil has continued the extract?
Helpful Hint: Use the words you have just picked out from the text:
How do they make the reader feel?
What do they connote (what do they make us think of e.g. colour)?
What do they foreshadow?
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